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Joe Seeds

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samthomas Haha this is awesome man!

joe_seeds Ha! I just showed my lil mate Evie your comment and it’s made her day. Many thanks

marigotrymes Ayy



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The Purest Form
on that dirty, gritty, grimey vibe. Bonus points if you can spot the vocal sample #hiphop #boombap #grimey #gritty...



charlieb Proper. I could listen to the first section on a loop all day.

joe_seeds I know I’ve been away a while but to log back in and find this dirty lil beast is just inspiring, and once again deadotts the genius behind it

deadott @joe_seeds yes my man!!! Welcome back to brapp, glad your feeling the beat. Lay some flames on it

deadott @hardheaded_prod @charlieb respect my brothers

joe_seeds @deadott the moment I’m not surrounded by mental women chatting like Charlie the cat on speed, I’ll be on it.

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southernquill Chicago
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Flaking *Instrumental
Been gone for a while but here's some vibes. Be back until the next computer breaks. Hit me up on... read more



lepero WOOOOOW


casualness Yes bro :)

genghisdaze @raad @lepero @casualness big ups for the love.

da_ruff_poet Ima kill this

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deadott Raw shit!! Big up man

joe_seeds @deadott thanks! Glad you’re feeling it. Would love the whole track! Bless

techno12345 State of Equal mind thanks for follow i agree

samthomas Original flow this man!

joe_seeds @samthomas many thanks bro!

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sturje Nice @deadott

deadott @sturje cheers brother glad you're feeling it

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soulsinger21 Smooth

26beats @soulsinger21 thanks bro

soulsinger21 @26beats Working on something for this one

26beats Yes thanks !!!

techno12345 Good Stuff

26beats @techno12345 thanks

techno12345 Yeees chill

joe_seeds Yea, I’m luvin this groove!

26beats Thanks broo !!

joe_seeds @26beats after the World Cup I’ll lay something down when I’m actually sober!!!

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djvadim Wattt killed it!!

joe_seeds Glad you like it! Bless

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User @joe_seeds's avatar