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Joey Gzus @joegutta's cover photo on Brapp.
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Beat by lindenjay
Incredible instrumental


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saulthesame Big ups brother! Soundin good

nikimukhi Badman!! Back up in this!! You got the new updates yeah Fam?!! Bless

joegutta Respect @saulthesame heard the beat and had to jump on it!!!

joegutta Yes @nikimukhi all updated haha need to keep it moving, I've been slacking

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joegutta wrong tag... @shownprove

golddubs Nice!

joegutta @golddubs

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joegutta @thepastrymaker

sosouthern Jheeez you're hard bro, big up

joegutta @thepastrymaker Safe bro! appreciated!

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jyager @samjusnow

joegutta Baaaaad!!

jyager @joegutta big up bro

samjusnow Boom!! Big ups Jyager

jyager @samjusnow bless bro beats crazy ill

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Colder Days BAR-STUD
Vulgatron bars on a @dagnabbit Producci


micallparknsun you've always had the@pavan

rowdieberaht ioputaertio.......

si_phili I can't wait to hear this FB & PND collab bro.

jyager @ForeignBeggars daammmnnn shun!!! you a killer..

jyager Fiiirrrrreeeee

dagnabbit Siiiiiik...oh sheeet bruv I remember those stairs!

mczani Classic!!

graziella Fan

troublebcn @foreignbeggars Killin it from jump. Tough act to follow right here

unleashed Sick ! Love it u rock

andyphylum Jheeeze


geebag I like it a lot

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Brapple Pie
Beat by inja
#inja Few bars on this @inja beat


inja Fire yes bro

joegutta @inja respect mate

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jyager Barrrsss!!!!! Big up g

joegutta Respect bro!


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