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Johnny Darko

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zarahjones I have a track I wrote called the same!!! Gotta try remixing it into this!!

shotstoppa Floating on this one. Deep beat fam

mixeta On this

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tomryan Dope bro!

johnnydarko1 @tomryan nice one mate!

marston Sickness bro

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foreignbeggars @yaya show mark these Scottish goonz

markyscanlon @foreignbeggars Yo! That's the mandem!

ayahmarar Gully.

johnnydarko1 Jheeeeeeze


ragnboneman Dope!

toomanyts Fa fa fa firrrrre!!!

evalazarus Oiiiii!!!!

ainaroxx Yes.

golddubs Niceness!

kashmirs Scottish Danger right thurrrrr

boombapfestival My man


david_amelei Siiiiiiiiick

delahayetv jheeez

sofaking Sick

twiggzggg Killed it!!!!, is that filmed at Maryhill?

ruffriderinnit Hard mate!

mazemusic sick beat, man! keep it up

marston That’s dope asf

techno12345 Wow yeaaaa flow a full fuck youuu

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First Upload
Beat by physiks
Morning #bars. Checking out the app with a verse from a #track I #featured on from Dil's Winter Vol 2 available for... read more


physiks big up!

rev_records Yea mate . Reminds me of a salah/ conflix type of flow . And there the best at flowing with Multis.

johnnydarko1 @connectlogic Thanks bro, big ups

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jyager Doooppeeee

weztax Killing it. Damn

silverback Tight

challis_uk Freshhh man big up