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jolene Bath


gwop BANANAS !!!!! SALUTE !!!

raad yes yes

dsgryme Beat and vocals are

jdanproductions Beautiful

davedoggatkins hot beats dope ass singing...!!!!!!!!!

thesinger @jolene amazing voice. I was to write a response

jolene @thesinger do it! I look forward to it :)

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blair_jacob Beautiful!

jolene Went a bit wonky at the end

alphamemphis Amazing voice

jolene @alphamemphis thank you

mskal nice voice miss

fionajane Laaaaavely!!

gold1ne Woooo!! Flames!!

jolene @gold1ne ahh thanks

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drematicxl Very dope laid back vocal. Can we do some work together

nikimukhi Sick!!!


alphamemphis Wow you are out of this world

macapella Nice one

macapella Id be up for collaborating on this if you are?

fionajane Loverly

jolene @fionajane thank you, love your voice!

jolene @macapella most def


macapella @jolene get at me on Twitter and DM me your email. It's @macapella


highcourts This is mad

penfoldpoet Damn! Pure talent

gold1ne Voice is too peak!!


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onesoul Fresh idea to Jump on :)

mrconcept Nice

jwalks Dope AF

raad Dope