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joshuadavid Peace @zonebeats on the track

zonebeats Dope bro

joshuadavid @zonebeats good looking out!!

joshuadavid What’s good y’all. Thank you for the likes and reposts. Preciate the love! Peace

pistu Dope

joshuadavid @pistu thank you!

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joshuadavid Yo big up Percy!

percyfilth Yo this is dope. Thanks for the video.

raad dope

joshuadavid @percyfilth thank you for the dope beat!

joshuadavid @raad good looking out!

djside Good Vibes

djside Good Vibes

djside Good Vibes

joshuadavid @djside appreciate that!

joshuadavid Big up everybody who’s shown love on this vid. God bless y’all!

machito_man Ayeee I like the Flotation

joshuadavid Optional("")@machito_man much appreciated man

maxta Heavy beat + good mc

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djlethalskillz @joshuadavid Bringin more heat! Kudos

joshuadavid @djlethalskillz I appreciate that yo! God bless man! Keep dropping them boom bap heaters

sturje This is sick! @joshuadavid

joshuadavid @timeoutbeats good look!!!

joshuadavid @sturje thank you yo! One Love!

sop So on point bro

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djlethalskillz Salute and Kudos on that heat brotha! I Salute u keep spittin dat fayah

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djlethalskillz Kudos!

joshuadavid Optional("")@djlethalskillz dope beat man!

djlethalskillz @joshuadavid Peace n Salute mah mand, Im lovin the heat u bringin on mah beats, if u down for a collab holla we can talk further. Keep spittin dat fayah, kudos!

joshuadavid Good looking out yo! I appreciate the love! Feeling your beats homie! You got mad skillz!