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Sean Joseph Fraser Aberystwyth, UK

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hardheaded_prod Deep

connorc yo man hardddd. holla me for buying that beat.

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josiff Aberystwyth

Fuck a song
Beat by josiff
Just not feeling anything recently #hipHop


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josiff Aberystwyth

“5am” instrumental (Prod. young taylor)
Once again i do not own these beats!! Check the producer out on youtube. Realy talented and worth a listen.


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josiff Aberystwyth

Mac Miller - Rain Instrumental
I dont own the rights to the instrumental. Just had to share.


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josiff Aberystwyth

sturje Haha at it again g

josiff @sturje ahhh my bruddha!! Big things soon uno, u got IG bro? Lemme holla at you

sturje Ye g just type Sturje and it’s the first one!

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josiff Aberystwyth

Lose Yourself Ya Prick👊🏼
Beat by josiff
Had to write something to this!! Considering this track made me wanna make music from day 1! Such a classic...


matka Boom !!

bigg22 BARZ G!

josiff @bigg22 thanks bruddha!! Audio is a bit icky so coulda been better safe tho x

bigg22 Where you based we should link up

josiff Wales my bruddha, heading shrewsbury soon! But I’m down for travelling my g @bigg22

josiff @bigg2 I’ll holla at you now, it’s Jojo!

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josiff Aberystwyth

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady
I do not own this instrumental!! Duuuuuh! Just thought i would upload as i was gutted when i couodnt find it myself!!... read more


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josiff Aberystwyth

Madlib - Fallin’
I do not own this beat!! Check out Madlib on youtube and soundcloud for other fire instrumentals!! #HipHop #Jazz...


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josiff Aberystwyth

Pop a xanax for that
Beat by dirtybuckle
Just a lil something more fast paced. Big ups for the beat!! #hiphop #rap #ukrap #ukhiphop #trap


dirtybuckle Dope dude!

josiff Thanks bro!! Means a lot! Safe for the repost too! I’ll be sure to check your beats out more often

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josiff Aberystwyth

These pages hurtin’
Beat by foreignbeggars
@Foreignbeggars @Bangzy #BOSH #Submission Sheesh, what an oppurtunity!! Ya boy dont stand a chance but huge thanks... read more


josiff Ayo, @Foreignbeggars we aloud to submit more than one verse? Or is that taking libs ahah

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WANNA FEATURE ON A FOREIGN BEGGARS RECORD You have a week to submit your verses through on the BOSH instrumental.... read more




distrackt Such a dope beat big ups

cannonmuzik How do I submit? I already recorded a verse to it

potentprophet How do I submit a verse?

sicksixet ah i need to hit this beat

doctor Hey bro I’m a beginner rapper and I think I could do great

foreignbeggars @potentprophet , @cannonmuzik, @doctor, all you gotta do is record a vid on the beat and it’s a submisiion

doctor @foreignbeggars can u follow me on ig my name on there is acrouze I would like to talk about it on there

cannonmuzik Optional("")@foreignbeggars it’s submitted !! Dope beat for sure

doctor Optional("")@foreignbeggars yo I followed u on ig and sent u a text

doctor Optional("")@foreignbeggars I posted the video and tagged u in it

ptredeyez OK THEN!

oxymoronbipolar Tried recording to this 11 times and at crashes! Anybody experiencing the same ?

lemz @foreignbeggars dropped on the beat posted n tagged u. Fuckry this app only for Apple. Got it done tho

k4set So we can only upload on an Iphone?

aemzo I really wanna submit but brapp is on a wile out

oxymoronbipolar Optional("")@aemzo I tried over 15 times yesterday

ladyeclectic @foreign the app keeps crashing I also tried a couple times

kordas check me out, if you like it, hit me up

jhurley Optional("")@foreignbeggars wicked done

klotz Yo when are the finalists being announced? @foreignbeggars

mashg4n Optional("")@foreignbeggars did I do mine in time ?

stiffydakidd Like this

killer 666

romka Q

klotz Yo, who won the verse? @foreignbeggars

nitel_p A W E S O M E!