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Jerome O'Connell

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cecilmcfarrell Big up Jrokka this is like frikkin movie!

jrokkamusic haaaaaaaaaaaa yea son !!!!

missmiakang Wow

thebreaks This is off he fuckin Chain

jrokkamusic @thebreaks ... bless fam

ironcollosus Solid

User @jrokkamusic's avatar

nikimukhi Loving this!!

jrokkamusic thanks @nikimukhi

missmiakang Love

jrokkamusic @missmiakang bless you sista

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Casio Games
Mario / Nintendo game Inspired Synthesis, hiphop vibe .... with huge boom bap drums... #beats #beatmaker #boombap... read more


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Dat Skank
old skool rolling hiphop beats, Jazzy Trumpets, Live Bass, Reggae Guitar Chops, feel good vibe !!


oab Nice everything man, horns, guitar, funk, vibes !

jrokkamusic bless fam

newancients Vibin to this one yo

jrokkamusic @newancients yes fam, bless.

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Swagga Roll by J Rokka Music
Original NO SAMPLES beat with Boom Bap flavor, big 808's... Live Guitar.... with a tun of that party vibe feeling... read more


oab yes j, where them beats at !

jrokkamusic haaaaa

jrokkamusic there on there way bro

mrversatilemind @jrokkamusic !!! Jrokk's on the brapp ting

jrokkamusic bless mr v

shayd Very sick!

cecilmcfarrell @jrokkamusic yes Jro. What's happening with this beat cos I can here myself & Dish on this on my next album!

cecilmcfarrell Heavyweight maaaaate

jrokkamusic yes Vo, its yours man for sure