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benjamin sisko

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monstermatt Good!!!


oanam30 chill

jackiebond Maaaaan, this shit is fucking SICK!

jackiebond ...and @iambigtown’s added bass you can’t deny is ment to be.

iambigtown @jackiebond

User @kaligrafi's avatar

jayeff jheeeeze yo

lrd BIG

djdaredevil Sick bro ..

kaligrafi @jayeff @lrd

kaligrafi @djdaredevil big up man, illy beat!

anishbeats Lyrical Genius

yevad12 Sci-Fi Rhymes!


eightysix YES ..BIG . Heard a lot of rappers try this style most just bore me .go on @kaligrafi

adah Flows wavey

elhawk Yes man!

kaligrafi @anishbeats @yevad12 @kyu_tracks @theillestyet @elhawk big up peoples! @eightysix safe g glad your feelin it!


sicksixet lyrical wizardry out hereeee ,, BANG!

dosgringos On point !

gezoegreen #bars

eternal510 dope!!! much love from the 209 in california.

bruhluuh Bars

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DJ Daredevil - Kool Part 1
Rough mix of a beat taken from my latest project "The Mpc Files" #hiphop #rnb #smoothshit #boombap #uk


rtcmc fireeeee

oxoolieoil Dope beat man, yo I'm glad u got well after being sick. I 'm FB friends w/ U and Nabo Rawk

motion1980 Right at the point my flow changes it stops.. fuming. Beat is too noice

raad vibes


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lastdoghung Nice

djevidenz Thanks Bredda @lastdoghung

monstermatt I like the choppy style and the drums are fat! Nice cuts too

djevidenz Thanks for listening man @monstermatt

eternal510 what kind of sample is this?

eternal510 i like this one!! dope track

djevidenz @eternal510 I don't remember exactly, might be classical type sample. I usually go for soul, so could be that too. Thanks for listening liking and re posting

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quick beat i put together #USvibe #dts #hiphop


taemintekken Good job bro !! , check my beat, I hope you'll like it

docskeng This beat is so dope I couldn't not drop a verse, let us know if it's for sale

docskeng I'll send you a message on soundcloud bro, peace

sicksixet How can I get this beat to lace outside of brapp this is so dope

joeshire sully my G - gunna lace one on this tomorrow x

ellstone is this beat available anywhere ?


eternal510 i like this super chill beat. what program do you use?

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mrconcept very nice

eightysix Like the sound . Think the big samps takes a lot away from the feel of the track . Limits the vibe . Apart from that Just my opinion

genghisdaze Thanks for the advice bruv. @eightysix

eightysix Ha . nah I was writing something to it and in the loop "big booty bitchiz" kept throwing me . All good

User @eightysix's avatar

djevidenz What !!!!????? Jheeez man. No one gunna top that !

djevidenz Got this on repeat


3mb4 jheeeezzzz!!!!madnessss

mcprincewayne Fire brudda

raad dddope

mrconcept ohhh sick mongo :)

djevidenz Shared this to Twitter and FB. Can't get over it, was blessed talking to you last night man. Only just researched m.u.d fam. Much much respect bro. Big up !!!

eightysix @djevidenz which makes me happy that I can pop out of nowhere and gain respect and recognition off the back of what I'm doing now as opposed to what once was . The last 5-6 months has been like therapy for me on @BRAPP especially aswell as (as you know ) them #CARDIOSESSHUNZ on Insta . truth be known having an outlet to express as much as I have on here has Livinatley been a blessing . BIG RESPECT #ALLTHINGSHAPPENFORAREASON

djevidenz That's great man, you've re invited yourself man. Your various flows man. I'm honoured regardless of the history. But my boy is telling me your a legend dude. You too humble man. Hopefully we'll actually get to link one day, your more than welcome to roll through when I'm home. #cardio !!!

agzillabeats Go on Mongo!!! Flowsickwiditnogimmickyougedditrippitsofluidlikeliquidyoucouldsipwidditquickwittedwithoutlimits... Zz.

eightysix Yo @agzillabeats

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lrd Yes brother. Killed it.

kaligrafi @lrd Big up man

lrd @kaligrafi we gotta do something bro.

kaligrafi @lrd no doubt g been meaning to bless one of your beats

lrd @kaligrafi yeah defo. I'll look forward to it!

budhoundz big bars

kaligrafi @kryptic3 cheers g

djevidenz Killed the flow


mrconcept Sick man

kaligrafi @djevidenz @raad @mrconcept

miccalibre Killin it!

viciouscreep jheeeez

mrslipz Hard as fudge mang

harvsletoad next level

mrslipz Init harvs this dude is too much!!

kaligrafi @harvsnbone @mrslipz bless g's

harvsletoad wanna get you on this album i'm working on with Vitamin G x KLB .. add me on facebook harvs moulton

seldom Fiyah!

marston This is dope

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its been a minute since i uploaded anything.. here's a quick beat.. #hiphop #dts


moraless You G, killa beat man

sicksixet Yo I need this beat g! Dope af

djevidenz Mad nice

saulthesame @moraless @sicksixet @djevidenz Shwayphe! Respecttt

User @kaligrafi's avatar

lrd Dope


budhoundz Killing it

dosgringos You are too ill Bruv! Serious!

genghisdaze That was big!!! blessed that beat

kyu_tracks Too sick!

slowz That rooms looking spiritual! Big up

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Love them funky beats..
Beat by physiks
Just discovered this Braap shit.. Big up Physiks on the beat, he got that heat #index #indo #peterprof #physiks... read more


iomega Big

oab Bang!

joeshire yes Lloyd - nice to see ya finally arrived G! Big up

kyu_tracks !

mskal Big up dude!!!!!!

slowz Went in g

longblu Rahh!

anime Smashed this!

kidjose this is a madness


indexindo Much love peeps glad u feelin


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djevidenz Smashing, genuine sound for old school funk joints

ded_tebiase @djevidenz thank you bro

thebreaks This is incredible

shotstoppa Drums and bass on point! Feel this.

oab nice

yogi Funky as man, love it