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Kayn asha

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sicksixetbeats yes g...gelatto all day.... hit me up on fb , been away need to get some stuff done

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bankboy London

gold1ne Sick

jimscreechy fiiiiireeee!!!!!!

bankboy The beat is maaaad b!

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geebag vibes

bgfrecords Damn, like your flow! DM us on instagram @bgfrecords , wanna bring you some value!

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rkivemusic Sick flows

oab flow don

alphamemphis much skill! i prolly would have drowned lol

kaynashar Bless gee


geebag Thanx for the love everyone! Big ups stay safe

raad Dope

bgfrecords Like your flow. Dm us on insta @bgfrecords

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kaynashar Yes my bro had to bless this one

kaynashar Martinz gonna check out more of your stuff

martinzbeats Amazing bro! You can buy here:

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kaynashar Bless bro nice beat

beniiblanco Thank you .. Truly appreciate it. @kaynashar

kaynashar Your welcome bro beats

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timeoutbeats Yooo this is much love for blessing the beat!

kaynashar Yes bro respect just fought the beat could do with something original instead of a generic rap glad you liked it bro

kaynashar Big up future

penfoldpoet All they wanna do ... is smoke Ganga