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beeunreal Birmingham

Your Own Downfall
Beat by illprophetelr
Argh, app kept crashing, managed to get this take, but wanna redo it when I’m not in a rush! #female #singer #vocals... read more


illprophetelr I like it

beeunreal @illprophetelr Souuuuund, will try again another day

illprophetelr @beeunreal okay)

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beeunreal Birmingham

No Turning Back
Beat by brokenlandbeats
Finally let me record, but I was too busy concentrating on pressing save before the app crashed, so its a fully lame... read more


dondeezypgh Wow your voice is crazy good! Glad you got it to save yo

beeunreal @dondeezypgh had lost my POW by this point! Will get back on it later cheers though

dondeezypgh @beeunreal I feel you cheers yo

thesinger @beeunreal if that was a “lame attempt” I can’t wait for a good one... great voice

beeunreal @thesinger I go way out of tune near the start, can see me glance back at the screen, and then I thought fuck it, and carried on anyhow, haaa

beeunreal @thesinger thanks though, appreciate it

thesinger @beeunreal you’re welcome. I look forward to whatever you do next

brokenlandbeats Let’s collab. What is your email? I am on

beeunreal @thesinger Nice one!! @brokenlandbeats Yes yes, well down for that, - respect!

genghisdaze This is tight. Damn

beeunreal @genghisdaze Safe, needs improvement but guess I'm happy with it for a mess about!

genghisdaze Yea for a casual Brapp ting it was dope. Best video I come across on here for a while.

beeunreal @genghisdaze As if, respect!! Egging myself on to do better, hahaha. You got some sick beats, props to you, will get on it soon!

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beeunreal Birmingham

Beat by remulak
Bathtime Brapptime, still trying to find my sound, haha #messabout #thc #420 #brapp #female #singer #lyrics #vocals... read more


dondeezypgh I can dig it! I stay wit dat THC so I feel you

beeunreal @dondeezypgh All day every day

dondeezypgh @beeunreal positive vibes

skandalbeatz your voice is the one!! ;)

beeunreal @skandalbeatz haha, nice one, still trying to find my style, will get there eventually

beeunreal Nice one on the repost @foreignbeggars - hope you’re enjoying 420

beeunreal @chadlmusic Nice one, still learning haha, sound

daruffpoet cute toes in profile btw

deadlysirius I like how you sound on hiphop hun keep up the good work

beeunreal @deadlysirius nice one :)

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jdogg @Kayos bless up for sharing

kayos @jdogg bro keep it up man!

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Beat by lrd
Just a quick little sixteen I've been meaning to throw up ! ...any DOOM fans out there in the UK?!



sonorous_ Dooms from the UK bro but yeah dooms shows get sold out from north to south of the UK and most of Europe for that matter

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Nu:Logic - Strut (Feat. Other Echoes)
#Halftime #Brapp Nu:Logic have one foot firmly in the future with ‘Strut’, featuring fellow Gresham brother Other... read more


isaintjames This is disgusting.

aemzo This is hard

dirtybuckle Love it!

kayos Can't wait to try this one out

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Real life!
Beat by crypmindbeats
Just reeling of some thoughts rite now ! Sorry if i Choked near the end its hard to express some of the many things... read more



jdogg @crypmindbeats big up for the repost bro


jdogg @oozhe respect bruddah

djevidenz That was ill bro, big up. Felt that hard

jdogg @djevidenz respect bro

bigg22 Feel ya bro would you be interested in doing a chorus piece for a track

jdogg @littlebiggg22 bless up for the repost bruv and might be ready soon


sonorous_ That's mad you mentioned your Marge, I was at work today listening to Masta Ace "son of Evon" and thought about writing a lil dedication

sonorous_ Hope it/you get better bro

jdogg @sonorous_ru1 I had to mention my marge fam she's the most important woman in my life you get me & of your feeling it then write something g Il check it out straight away when it's up your flow and lyrics are hard! And mad respect for the breddah means a lot


sonorous_ Yeah trust me, I got type diabetes and I'm on stage 4 kidney disease, high potassium blood pressure and alsorts of other ailments. But you see my mum is the only one who's been consistently there from the start and not batted an eyelid at having to play her part even when partners ain't

sonorous_ Type 1

sonorous_ I wrote a song called "marge" and fling it on my soundcloud a few years ago, just time to refresh the content lol if you wanted to check it out

jdogg @sonorous_ru1 I hope you pull through my g really do! Stay strong and yeah I'll check it out bro

sonorous_ Appreciate the kind words family. Bless up

raad Blessings

mrconcept This is should release this.

eternal510 Dope!!!

rtcmc deep i felt this

jdogg @raad bless bro

jdogg @mrconcept thanks G was thinking about making a soundcloud to do that

jdogg @eternal510 thanks

jdogg @rtcmc thanks g