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Kc Davies

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Spits from the bong...haha 💯🔥💯🔥
Beat by djlethalskillz
I swear in moments like this where I just wanna blaze and go off. #brapp always here for me. But it wouldn't hold... read more


thehighdropjah high !

thehighdropjah high !

deadott dope shit!

djlethalskillz @bjornmajestik lol.. fuk yea! brooooooo u fuckin killed dat freeee! Salute on the continuous support, blessin dem beats and love. Salute to u bruv. keep on, Uno!

raad it's ur boy

kcdc Bad man!!!

nebula_beatz ahahahaha

nebula_beatz faaaaya

nebula_beatz yuuuh bro check my beat !!! ;)

iqgotbeats LETS WORK

apukrapper Fam your flow is greasy! Old school real rap era salute i can see you battle rapping and murderin

bjornmajestik @thehighdropjah lol

bjornmajestik @deadott thanks!!

bjornmajestik @apukrapper appreciate you homie!

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dotz Really really great babe, super proud of you x

flo @dotz ta babe! Had to turn the tears at 4am into something productive haha!

idealartist Nice vibes, check me out, nothing on here but plenty online 'I & Ideal' let me no if your ever up for Colabs sis

thehighdropjah very nice , good vibe!

raad Lovely

cliquetracks So good!

timeoutbeats Niceee

kcdc Good recording voice

nme Listen this is FIRE!

kidoptimism Amazing voice

cyphercircuit Pipes tho

dotgotbeats Very nice. Real Talk.

dirtybuckle Sweet!


bleekdabaker I need you on a track

evalazarus Love

flo @evalazarus huge love!

muckyminor Love it

shumbazeng Vibes

deadweightbeats Absolutely amazing. Your voice is incredible.

12gaugenova Smashed it girl.

mcase vibes

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quest Oh daaaamn

f135t Mad voice! Love that!

nates Yep

redbeard Super Dope!!!!

domin8tion Wow! can't wait to hear more

g3nes12 One word... ILL!!

renzeeno Wow nice voice

hollyflo I'm in love with you <3

baal Wow

raad love this

quest Big up for the reposts @raad @newancients @ragemystic @sodhi @g3nes12 @nates

baal All love bro @quest

kcdc Oh my days! Tone!!!!

mcangel Super talented!!!

quest big ups to @brapp @mcangel @seewhy @kcdc for reposting #KeepItMoving @emeraldrose smashed this one

penfoldpoet Heart felt lyrics

j2s So so good

deem listen my beat girl

djvadim U got a wicked voice!!! Let's do something real talk

mylostone Awesome

quest @djvadim thanks for the repost

grimtimez Brap brap empress

unbalanced Incredible

maryjanec This

dseize Daaymn

young40jim Nice bluesy voice

khannabis420 Wicked man

krang Your voice is ethereal

planky Big!!

orkeztra awesome voice!

dirtybuckle Wow! Great vibe!

kurtis God damn

susieili Dope

shareaz what a gorgeous voice

truilz YO!!!!!!!!!, Lets Work!..I...

captcussa Yessssss

hazelkari I just love ya

audiosmoke ...dope...

riche powerful beautiful soulful real love it !!!!

v15 Dear God


alicemary Yessssss

jayprophit nice vocals, u have the sond, rnb jazzy flavour< keep up the good work!

aziegotbeats Nice, got a email?