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easyd Raw


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Beats For Sale ! - 2 for 1
2 for 1 beat sale !... download link in bio


broomesy Ohhhh shit! Sick!

zarahjones That 3rd beat not sold???

zarahjones Pyramid?

kelakovski Check ur mail @zarahjones

zarahjones Grrrrr my emAil playing up. I'll check as soon as home.


alleydarklight Excellent medley @kelakovski #neterifik

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zarahjones WTF just happened!!! THAS MASSIVE!!!

zarahjones Can I get a copy of this please? Got a few MASSIVE artists that will sound HUGE on this.

kelakovski Hit me up @zarahjones ...

zarahjones Sent

greaseburn is this clipping / distorted?

raad heat

soapboxx Gotta turn it down a bit. It's clipping

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Lazy day!
Beat by kelakovski
Son of Zeus .. Children of Zeus single "still standing" is where it's at!


tdaly Points if you caught the scheme

benza I did! And I loved it! Love your style bro! Big up!



grimtimez Bars fi dem

percyfilth noiice

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mskal heavy loop

djevidenz Yes

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dsgryme Gonna be putting some fire to this soon

percyfilth Yes Kelzzzzzzzzz.

im_floki @kelakovski im wesley powers mate he told me to get in touch.... bro i got fire for your beats I'm gonna upload when i can grab an iPhone. he's told me a lot about your hip hop music looking to work with you in future once i reach the levels lol

pitch ohwee

prysds Kellllzzzzzz been dropping that heat since DAY DOT.

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sereouszbars This is nuts

b_clever Banger

zarahjones Has this sold as of yet?

kelakovski Not yet naa

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dsgryme Oh shit

easyd @kelakovski

drzygote ugh

elhawk This is the dirt

djevidenz Damn !

eightysix MONSTA

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geebag ohh shit

geebag This beat kills it

im_floki beat is absolutely banging got my whole body jumping can't control my head!!!!!!!

newancients My lord, this beat is BANGIN!!

djevidenz Woooh. Some madlib shit going down

mskal resect§

rebelaca Ridiculous ! like you just installed a nuclear power station in a kitchen. Bitchin

drweathers My compliments to the Chef