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Kenza Benza

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caravanerecords yeaaaaaaah

koryus beautiful voice !!

kenzabenza Thank you!!!!!! @caravanerecords may I use this whole beat?

kenzabenza Thank you!! @koryus

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timeoutbeats Nice!

caravanerecords Smooth

kenzabenza May I use this whole beat? @litework

kenzabenza Thank you!!! @caravanerecords

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jayelflex Great !

maxta Greaaat ! Big thanks to you

kenzabenza Thank you! May I use this whole beat? @maxta

maxta Yess !

kenzabenza Send me it please @maxta

monstermatt Nice and the beat is sick!!

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genghisdaze Loved it Kenza!!!


kenzabenza Thank you @genghisdaze

sundeep Hello Rosie Perez

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User @kenzabenza's avatar

nikimukhi Big up @kenzabenza !! FYI you can rotate your video on the video filters page

foreignbeggars dope

kenzabenza Thank you @foreignbeggars

henyenvy i'm a bit late but this is sik.