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deadott Yes man!! Need to get a collab with you and @da_ruff_poet


da_ruff_poet Yea we should do something

kinetiks I’m always down for making music! No studio here at the moment for recording. Good shout though

marston Love that style bruv,

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26beats Thank you verry much !!!!! It’s amazing !!! Make another video

marston the pleasure is mine, the beats perfect, inspirational stuff, of course

marston @enko tyvm

kinetiks Versatile,smooth and cool. Love it mate

lordy Deep my brother love it man

marston Optional("")@kinetiks ty bruvva hope alls good

marston Optional("")@lordy ty brother

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da_ruff_poet #repost


da_ruff_poet that’s you with the beat my ninja

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mick_swagger Holy shit! That's great man. #bars

marston Ty bro, much appreciated, that track is seriously dope , really feeling that, bless ups bro

marston @kinetiks this one

kinetiks Love dat! Tight bars! Respect

kinetiks I think I might have to give that beat a go when I get the chance

marston Optional("")@kinetiks bless ups bro, yeah thought you might like it, beat is dope, have a look thru he’s beats , very good producer

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kinetiks Wicked bars bro. Love that delivery

marston Bless ups bro, check out the other one to viscous creep I posted yesterday, reckon you’ll like that, hope you good bro?

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deadott killin em out there!

alleydarklight real rapper


kinetiks Yes yes bruv! I might have to flip this beat now after hearing it. Smooooth style man. Respect can tell your one of the old school.

kinetiks @deadott one of my favourite producers on here


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deadott Sickness

kinetiks Respect @deadott

marston I’d repost that twice, beat is killer, how the fuck I miss that, and then there’s the bars, delivery on point that is tip top

kinetiks Cheers bruv. Thought you was MIA on the frontline. Did you check message to the man? Thanks for reposting #marston

marston Optional("")@kinetiks pleasure is mine bro, yeah check the comments, back with that passion bro, love it

micframps Sick mate

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larry Sick bars sounds like some chester p level shit

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djlethalskillz Wooo hoooo! Fayaaaah another kill by one of my favorites! Kudos

bigmungz Sheisty

dirtybuckle Dope flow! Dope beat!

da_ruff_poet @dirtybuckle@bigmungz@djlethalskillz

agzillabeats Dope Zz.

da_ruff_poet @agzillabeats

4phit hard

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elhawk Toronto

lastdoghung Dope @elhawk as usual

dirtybuckle Dope voice dude!

elhawk @lastdoghung @dirtybuckle

quantumatics Nice

mskal Huge

bigwhytetee TRUTH!

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sitting on sofa freestyle
Beat by badhabitz
#rap#spanishhiphop#spanishrap#spanishflow#flow#rhyme#rapper#hiphop#artist#sofa#inhouse#sitting#house#sittingoncouch#c... read more


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trademarkblud Telford


trademarkblud @lrd


sonorous_ dope as Fxk!

retro Pure dope

trademarkblud @longblu thanks

trademarkblud Biggup @retro nice one G

rkivemusic boom!!!

raad Nice

rizz Fucking bars straight fire bro

kinetiks Yes bruv. Sick

ixist Sik