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Chris Kennedy

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Practicing & Practicing
Beat by lrd
Shout out to @lrd on this sick beat! Laid one of my newest verses on it. #UKHipHop #London #Bars #BrappTV



innatej Cheers for the repost @lrd

domin8tion Word

innatej @domin8tion

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adah Super dope

knrs Nice one @fionajane

fionajane Thanks a lot! @theillestyet and @knrs

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visionobi @knrs as requested bruvva!

knrs Yes yes bruva!! Big shout! You went in!!

visionobi Big up for the best :-) sick!!!

visionobi *beat - stupid autocorrect!

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It's A Conspiracy!
Beat by knrs
This is part of a long verse, but either way shouts to @Knrs on the beat! #UKHH #HipHop #UKHipHop #London


knrs Yes @innatej !! Sick mate! Fire barsssss


lowpitch Reminds me of Dr Syntax!

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chesterp @knrs

knrs @chesterp Killed it bro!!

shotstoppa Jheeeez! Lights Out. Lights Out.

dosgringos Dope!

cosm Heavynesss

mynameisnuttyp Fire

golden_nine Dopeness!

genghisdaze Top

verse1 Yo chessmonster , if u get a chance personal message me fam , trust , keep up the light work , the universe thanks you for bringing such a fiery energy

viking Just YES YES YES

viking Just YES YES YES

viking Just YES YES YES

docskeng Kickin mad knowledge g! Check my beats and follow me back if you can please bro, peace!!