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kwenubeats Benin City
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timeoutbeats Melbourne
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jimmynewtron Cleveland

The end of days ending the day
Beat by nblue
Real cleveland village trap shit


dj12 Cool

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daruffpoet @daihard @leeh salute

jetlag Nice one!


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Some fun shit
Beat by timeoutbeats
Just fudgin around a bit


timeoutbeats Dope!! Much love for jumping on the beat

clinic @jimmyd

jimmyd @clinic tanks broski And @timeoutbeats

jimmyd Them beats is fuego I wasent even in a rap mood until I heard them then could not resist lol @timeoutbeats

timeoutbeats @jimmyd appreciate that man! you have skills on the mic!!

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timeoutbeats sounds great, as usual

fionajane @timeoutbeats Thanks Your beats are ace. Hope Oz treating you well. I Miss it - spent 7 years in Sydney

timeoutbeats @fionajane oh cool! And thanks glad you like the beats

timeoutbeats @fionajane also if you ever want to collab on a full track let me know

fionajane @timeoutbeats sorry for late reply man. So up for a collab. What’s your mail? I’m x

timeoutbeats @fionajane awesome, I’ll be in touch

fionajane @timeoutbeats excellent

genghisdaze this is illy

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jimmynewtron Cleveland

Share the flowers with them while there still here
Beat by beniiblanco
Don’t take life for granted share the flowers with them while there still herere


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dirtybuckle Dope flow man!