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shampan Killing it

chowder_limits @shampan thank you!

thingy woooooh!

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nikimukhi Dope!

kwesiyankey Thanku sister !

djevidenz Ha you going wild on this man lol. Big up.

kwesiyankey Haha can't say anything was held back there, dw cuz the breathe control is improvin

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jyager @djevidenz

wilstar Yes brother, barz

jyager @wilstar big up bro love

djevidenz Yes man! Thank you for the big ups, that's over-appreciated. You kill the flow as always, I always check your vids too, u got many swords

jyager @djevidenz blessing my g.. Love. Hit me up on my email bro let's build.

jyager @solow you dunknow

djevidenz Yeah man. At the moment only dealing with exclusives. But il keep you in mind and see if there's something I can throw your way for nuttin, coz u got skills broski

jyager @slugman blessings bro

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User @kwesiyankey's avatar

djevidenz Yes cuzzy, mad glad u jumped on the beat ! Shame can't see your face tho lol big up man

kwesiyankey Yh had some techinc issues with the phones positioning lool , bless cuz!

djevidenz That's cool man, I'm just happy u blessed it. Much love

kwesiyankey Thanks cuzzy