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leen Bengaluru

Rooftop Freedom
Beat by folk
A few Freestyle thoughts being shared on a Rooftop in In Bangalore India ...


raad freeees 👊

folk This is so dope brooo !

folk This is so dope brooo !

foreignbeggars sick guy

truilz I'm on that vibe!, i SALUTES THAT.

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leen Bengaluru

Out in India ....
Chillin in Bangaluru and felt inspired by the view and energy ...


nikimukhi Dope!

lrd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

raad 👊🔥💯

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Tried to shout the producer "Lean in the evening" 3 times at the end, but it didn't' quite happen: #100% #Freestyle... read more


harvsletoad haha big up ! peace.. harvs

ainaroxx Badman.

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nikimukhi Hahaha! Yes!! Always with the ill frees

leen @nikimukhi LoL ... I'm trying bro!

timeoutbeats Haha. Dope! feel you on that..

stnmn Right there I can't get no bass or treble in my right ear dope bro

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nikimukhi Big ups @leen ... If you update the app to the new version there are level controls after you record 👊

leen Safe Bro ... @nikimukhi I'm on the new version ... Think my headphones are knackered. Thanks for the good looking out though bro! 👊🏿

rev_records Change on on screen setting off headphone mic to built in mic . A lot better

oab Nice freez g!

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timeoutbeats Turned this freestyle thing into an art! Dope bro! Much love for blessing the beat

al Nice freees bro

leen Big Respect to @timeoutbeats ... Any time bro. Heard the beat and was instantly inspired ... Keep the quality stuff coming.

leen @al safe bro ... Thanks for listening. 👊🏿

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shotstoppa Layers over layers of dope!!! Sharing energy in that one. Respect. 👊🏼

leen Thanks @shotstoppa much appreciated bro. 👊🏿

downstroke Dope, was just thinking the other day I really should send u some beats over, I've got a new project brewing in my head at the moment that could benefit from your input!

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leen I see you @hollyflo !!! Big Respect!

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User @leen's avatar

oab real freez

leen @oab 👊🏿 respect G!

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grillo 👊👊👊

leen Respect Bro @grillo 👊🏿

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