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casperlove22b Once again you are the Maaaan :)

ketilone Hey you recorded some vocals over my beat a few years ago but it says it got deleted. Your voice was really good and I wanted to show people the video. Why did you delete it??

leomannofficial Ow sorry which song was it i can do it again, i use to cancel impro i wasnt fan of it x u should have told me before! Maybe u can send the full track and i try somethin on:)

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mrmarruk You got that dilla swing!!

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timeoutbeats Love it!

enterthelab Your voice is soft and ethereal, love it

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nonsprod nice

jrfbbeats What happened to the last video?

leomannofficial @jrfbbeats ye sorry i use to do that xx didnt like this impro so much dont u worry ill do many others :) waiting for your tracks !

jrfbbeats No problem just a shame to see it disappeared. I’ll keep the beats coming

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nonsprod Too bad wo don t hear your voice louder but nice vibes

nonsprod we*

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mckillerpagan Power!!


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jrfbbeats This works so well

leomannofficial @jrfbbeats thank you

jrfbbeats Be honoured if you would do something on one of my beats.

leomannofficial @jrfbbeats thanks will be a pleasure x do you only have 2beats for now? :)

jrfbbeats @leomannrecords yes but I only started uploading yesterday. Plenty more to come

leomannofficial @jrfbbeats kuul! Im waiting for it ;)

jrfbbeats @leomannrecords awesome thanks for your respose

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timeoutbeats Love it

bigrema This is niceeeeee!

michelleward Gorgeous voice

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mckillerpagan Ohhh shit

shotstoppa Speechless

leomannofficial @shotstoppa thank you

dirtybuckle Wow! That's awesome.