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United Kingdom

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leonfyah Ayyyy real nice reallll smooth bredda

dr9p3x @leonfyah

olghank Yeahh !!

soulsinger21 Smooth rude boy. Dope.

eratticrecords Nice

gwop FLAMES !!!!!!! YES SIR !!!

dr9p3x @gwop big production king. Respect.

dr9p3x @iratticrecords respect.

dr9p3x @soulsinger21 big respect bro. Salute.


26beats Power

shadezbeatz Fire

brennan DOPE!!!!!!

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leonfyah Portsmouth
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jmanbabylondead #BABYLONDEAD the debut album #2000BD coming soon too RLD!

futurarhymez Can't wait for it g real talk and some next flows!!!!!!!


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shubzmusic nice

leonfyah Yooo! I emailed you the other day wasn't sure if you got it but for sure we gotta get a track created! Great work

rratedmuzik Nice

adah Killing it again

aemzo @shubzmusic bless up x

aemzo @leonfyah I'm lagging on the emails . I'm down tho leave it with me a lil while. Blesssss up

aemzo @rratedmuzik jheeez thanks x

aemzo @adah

leonfyah Bless up just lemme know its all good x

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leonfyah London

Low Fyah
Looking for rappers or mcs that can hand this! #grime #jungle #dnb #hiphop #breakbeat #beat #uk #newpost #new #brapp... read more