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Leon Piers

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raad 👊🔥

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lowlife #datavilli aka #datkid #bestbarsinthegame #realtalk #streetlife

datavelli @lowlife big ups!

foreignbeggars Who did you tag in tho fam

danieldan Who you tag next @datavelli dope verse 🎙

datavelli @foreignbeggars what a plum. I musta been higher than I thought. @resone your up bruv!!

resone Yeah bwoyyyy!!!


jmanbabylondead Duppied

thatkidilla Bruvvvvvvv 🌎✔️😷

oab uuuuh!

3mb4 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

boomsy firrrreeee

boomsy fire right there

boomsy fire

prysds Psssssshhh 🔥 each and every.

4tunempire yes yes!

geebag Boy boy

danieldan Yo @resone are you going to Brapp for BrappTag? You up next!

leonpiers yes mate!!! safe

illogical Daam son ! 'Shit all over you till i feel piles' tht bar had me creasing !🔥🔥

xavrmusic woii

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