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Kraków, Poland

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leonraz You are 🔥 bro

djvadim Sick bruv love to hear the whole song u got

retro @djvadim respect brother. I have the whole verses for this and many more. Like u not new to this but struggling to get the right production team for all my new shit. Can you DM me -

retro @leonraz u fire to. Big up

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leonraz Kraków

leonraz #cherish_the_pen

leonraz P.S. Acapella written ;)

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Rapping hint #3 – New Genres
Beat by timeoutbeats
Venture into new music genres for inspiration.


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Rapping hint #2 – The Deep State
Beat by gwop
Relax, think, delve into nature. Theta state.


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Rapping hint #1: Acapella writing
Beat by qapt
Mini series on how to improve your MC craft. Mayve some of these tips will work for you? 😎✌️


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leonraz Denver

The Trilogy
Beat by daihard
Recorded in a Denver graveyard... RIP JackieBlonde #diss #lyricism #bars #barz #battle


leonraz ☠️@jackiebond

jackiebond 🍺@leonraz

leonraz Yeah I guess we can call it that 🍻

daihard @leeh

leeh 🔥

leonraz Might as well post the lyrics: ✒️ Upturn a stone Discover and burn Jesus sandals Trample anything sacred for fools Shake, rattle a tool I’m not a snake Won’t play dead for two sec’ Claimin’ you wreck pah... nah That’s what got you in check In four, mate informed you 4:20, late for the party Hardly appeared it’s hardy har at the bar, hear? You 80s baby, I’m Cosby Spike the Bacardi, prick me again Your delicate skin I’ll peel off like green Mazeratis Beat chops ain’t no karate And even that ain’t like a big knife with big spikes through your body Got so many dope lines Gold stitched ™ letters On all tees and me sweaters...

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Chill Music
Still open for feats, let me know!


leonraz #rap #hiphop #verse #lyrics #lyricism #chill #music

mrconcept Nice music man, is that you on vocals?

leonraz Thx, yes indeed. Transitioning slowly to English fam

jackiebond this ain't where you post songs with verses on them. you post instrumentalss here

leonraz I’m looking for feats my man, I’m not a producer


jackiebond *VOCALS

jackiebond you'll find plenty of feats here....

leonraz What’s you thing doggie? Asking for a diss track on ya ass

leonraz Report me if u the snitch type, ba

leonraz Battle me if you really about this

leonraz Imma TKO your shit in 60 seconds 😂

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leonraz Kraków

Cannonball (jazz rap futureschool 🔥)
Send a msg if you want to get on this! I will send a version with just the beat to lay down your vocals. To be... read more


leonraz Lyrics: The games you play I’m not interested in Dusk Roque Nublo view, top penmanship Exotic trips enrich the spirit Live and reach for the stars Knowing it’s futile Simply cherish the fact you and I exist Law of the fist archaic The mind is a weapon now imma spray it Drrrrrrah, dumb Buffalo rappers uphold the enslavement If any, the devil is not just Eminemish The blemish has not perished Directives imperative, witches and imps Consumerism spells from a well of enchantment Masses still chant this, for true enlightment... low chances

leonraz Lyrics (cont:) Fun and games, interbread and circuitses To break a promise is childish Below politics nations bawl, kids You wanna ball, fix your balloon I went to the zoo, entertained by a bunch of baboons Took to the streets, saw the same in Google street view You do not need food, cleanse bowels, don’t dance around Pick up a trowel, think best where the wolves howl Full moon powers, white German castle towers Seem blue in the night light where I write for hours So bright thunder might strike right where I is