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Lewther Arkwright

User @oliversudden's avatar


oliversudden Big up gang @nebula_beatz the beat is

domin8tion Justin time.. glad to see u on here

mrslipz When in

nebula_beatz @oliversudden your flow is welcome

raad boom

raad sooo good

mimindme can everyone check out my video real appreciated!

joeshire siiiiiick g

hollyflo Yes make my mum do a handstand haha well good

ashbradable Yewwwww

oliversudden Cheers gang

lewmatic king

lastlife Proper UK bars

f135t Hard g

nebula_beatz @oliversudden


User @geebag's avatar

barz yesh yesh!! BACK UP in THIS

geebag Yeah yeah!! *beenieman voice


lewmatic fucks sake smh! amazing


remulak Deeecent.

gi3mo Big ups Gee

flowtecs My brudda! Heatttt

goldybeats exellent !! good job

geebag To all the above I would like to say thanx. You guys keep me going

lrd This is fucking big! Gotta get you on one of my beats man! You're ill

wezzly_kane Getting slaughtered like you're all up in the avatar !! ... Got good taste but I've never tasted caviar !! BIG!!!

User @oliversudden's avatar

djdaredevil Boom!!

geebag Quality Olly

foreignbeggars Badman!

oliversudden Cheers gang

geebag Need to do a dynamic duo suds!

insight Here he is!

oliversudden Yeah Gee lets do it! Big up Insight

lewmatic yes!

mskal nice!!!!

djivan6 Yuh muuuun

oliversudden Much love fam



benza Love it bro! Smashed it check my bars sometime..would be appreciated. Maybe a future collab? Lol let us know Brother! Peace

smalls oi oi

ashtheauthor Cronx specialist

lewmatic that fed code shit...amazing!

User @geebag's avatar

ruderalis Respect @geebag

geebag Safe @ruderalis you still going brixton studio?

ruderalis @geebag nah bro - I got no lab right now- Rebs had to give that shit up an get a real job :( tryna find a decent engineer to work with

ruderalis Peak times brv


leafdog thats dope

djevidenz Yeah sick

geebag Ha ha!! I was having a laugh. @raad, @leafdog, @djevidenz Safe

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

geebag You good too @engineercooks

peaky Hard!! As usual

geebag safe @peaky

sofaking Illness as standard

hollyflo Yes bruv

mrkellymusic Nice one Gee!

nikkyg Love da verse u have just set the bar right up there bro

geebag respect sis @nikkyg

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Round 2
Beat by physiks
Big up @boombapfestival this my second round entry mad love to physiks on the beat big up all the brapp team and all... read more


lewmatic yes bro! getting it in! big up


beeje this is one tight flow Ash

kyu_tracks Good job.

massivearms this is really rather lovely

mikewordz sick flow

safyrprod so dope !

User @al_mighty's avatar

lewmatic you need a mp again bro

ashtheauthor This is gully!

User @al_mighty's avatar

lewmatic unnngh!!

ptredeyez Big tune! Jesus Al mighty!

lewmatic ya need to get this out on a 45 bro! serious!

User @al_mighty's avatar

lewmatic fire