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Liam Green London, UK

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timeoutbeats Killed it!! big ups!

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timeoutbeats Dope as usual man! Much love for jumping on the beat

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liamgreenmusic Camden Town

gwop Crazy dope fam!!!!

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alleydarklight smoothhhh

lastdoghung @alleydarklight cheers

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liamgreenmusic Tottenham

lrd BRUUUUUVV! We need to get a project made. Just the Brapp vids alone we've done are better than most that's out

ptredeyez Nice one

eightysix Deep

dirtybuckle This is a great! Deep thoughtful rap. Good to hear

bigg22 Mummies got dick in her tummy but no food in her fridge

foreverdayseven Yes!

eclipse76 Lyrics

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jjonas212 deep fam

raad demented

eightysix Kinell!!

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Day 10. Beat 10


zico you are an incredibly inspiring person man. you work ethic is mad!

lrd @zico thank you brother! Appreciated.

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liamgreenmusic Tottenham

lrd we gotta get some tracks done bro! Well overdue.


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ptredeyez Nice vybes

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timeoutbeats This is dope bro! Big ups

mrconcept Excellent man

ptredeyez Oiiii BIG HOOK

timeoutbeats How you feel about making this a full track?

liamgreenmusic @timeoutbeats I would love to! In the new year I'll lay something down, I'm glad you like it

liamgreenmusic @mrconcept @ptredeyez thanks lads

timeoutbeats awesome man! I'll extend the beat and send it over. Whats your email?