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gwop flames son !

nuriel BIG

thatkidilla @gwop brother your beats are so fucking dope x

thatkidilla @nuriel ty brother

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jackiebond Denver

Beat by charlieb



jackiebond @charlieb


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jackiebond Denver Lyric Opera Guild

milogic King!! Dopeness

monstermatt Thanks

trip_hakksaww Bro, we need to get up on some joints together man. What the world known about a white boy group?!?

jackiebond @trip_hakksaww I'm down. Let's do it...

monstermatt Dope shiiit

johnnyp Bro. I talked to old boy about you. Shoot me a way to get ahold of you . Let’s crank out hits

jackiebond hit me here and we'll exchange info

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jackiebond Denver Lyric Opera Guild
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jackiebond Denver Lyric Opera Guild

nitel_p right tone!

nitel_p fire flow

jackiebond @nitel_p thx! I'm extremely picky with my beat selection so I really appreciate your creation. Thank you! If you want, I can make it a full song and we can work out what would be best where we go from there...? Lemme know what you think?

nitel_p can you contact me via soundcloud messanger? and we will set a way to communicate! I certainly would be glad to work with you on this.

jackiebond ok. tight! ill have to set up an account with soundcloud and will hit you up tomorrow. cool?

nitel_p @jackiebond Great! I already find this project in my old archive. it waits for collab! ;)

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boneintell Omaha

gwop dope son !!!

freemason Good work out!! I see that flex!!

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