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Teddy Cagninacci

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beat i made last night


jayeff Always on point bruvva, this beat is silky smooth

joeshire There's that 87 g! ;)

fordz just spat on this g, silky smoooooth like its already been said

saulthesame @jayeff @fordz @joeshire blessssssss!

bahia Just sang on this :)

fordz full beat out soon anywhere? would love to spit a trak on dis

raad Love this

hank_hiller Nice crunch

hazelkari Such a beaut

genghisdaze Incredible

saulthesame @jayeff @joeshire @fordz @bahia @raad @hank_hiller @hazelkari @genghisdaze blesss guys! much love for showing some.

User @bigshamu's avatar

nikimukhi So

marston Boom that’s

bigshamu @marston @nikimukhi thanks guys just doing my thing

riverfloww How much for the song

bigshamu @riverfloww drop me an email bro


furyxx NICE

stan_music sounds really good

sinzae This thumb

bigshamu Thanks for the love folks!

joshuadavid Dope!

kusht Sick

bergz Slick beat. Nice flow

milliebee I got something for this can you send it to my email to practice as I'm going to wait for brapp to go Android. No offense but Iphones are a blag please love watch this space add me on Instagram millies_munchies_onemouthful

milliebee Peace and love LOL

tapori Hi I want to colebs can you send me this beat

hauntingvoice Nice

genghisdaze uhhh my daze this is a heater

bigshamu @genghisdaze cheers bro

azhr Boom