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Louis Davies

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ayahmarar @foreignbeggars @bobbytank @markyscanlon

bobbytank Amazing

ayahmarar Stick some badass FX on there and we can make some moves my friend @bobbytank

ayahmarar Love your work and more ideas to come G @bobbytank thank you for checking

bobbytank @yaya defo! If ya like the stuff i sent over we can move on that ooor i can start fresh 4 u

ayahmarar For sure let's chat Monday and take it from there? You got beats for days man! @bobbytank darker the better IMO!

bobbytank @yaya dark, i like it. U heard this i did 4 jokes lol not sayin we do sumthin like this tho

ayahmarar Yeh booiiiiiiii @bobbytank

ainaroxx Yes yes

ayahmarar @ainaroxx

nikimukhi This rules!!! @yaya @bobbytank

ayahmarar Love you @nikimukhi thanks!! Messing about!

nikimukhi @yaya U ain't messing about when you mess about!!

ayahmarar @nikimukhi lol word!