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vard wot wot killin it #gentry

jayeff @vard uknoooo

crossy Yessss James, goin innnnn bruv

sicksixet nice

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a quick rough beat i made today... #dts #hiphop #enkiduthegreat #dorset


geobeatzuk fresh!

benaddict Send me all this stuff yo!! Let's get to work

keiosxlek 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥🔥woow !!

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djdaredevil Yes !! This my ishh

remulak Nice one! @djdaredevil

raad this beat is 🔥🔥

tu_manic Dam son !!!!

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mrripley Pure 🔥

easyd @mrripley had to use the beat, mad tings!!

crossy Bar after barrrr

easyd @crossy 👊🏻

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thebreaks Mad ting

djevidenz Yes !

eightysix Some GOLDEN HARVEST SOUNDIN KUNG FU shizz 👊🏾

binakaj @eightysix rap over that shizz bro

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lucast @Jayeff 💥💥💥💥

vard sheeeiit got me swaying on a wednesday morning

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inquiries: engine604@gmail


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Scruffy Lil' Joint
Threw this together for a quick gentry cypher last night #HipHop #BoomBap #Gtown #Gentry


oab that samp was used in a classic uk hip-hop song, anyone under 25 know what it is ?

jayeff @oab this was my spin on that, still learning to use ableton so had a bit of fun with it for a few hours :)

jayeff and I'm 18 oab I could barely walk when it was released xD

oab Brapp! G****

jaysu faaaat!

jayeff @jaysu saafe bro! 👊

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nikimukhi Badness x

missmiakang Yeah wow omg

kermit dope!

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foreignbeggars Dopeski

gasp Yes! Cheers dude, app is fuckin brilliant!

verse1 Original , mon the Scots

cecilmcfarrell Fuckin brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrilliant flow. 😨🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

itslewisbaker sick!!

kayesstee Man said fire in the fridge 😂

ambishn 🙏🏼

kidrobotik Jeeeeeezzz

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wrdy 😩

nikimukhi Sick!!!

easyd Safe😏