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trademarkblud West Midlands

nikimukhi Yes sick!!

trademarkblud @nikimukhi thanks man respect

futurarhymez Wow yes bro this is so sick awesome lyrics man so cold!!

trademarkblud @futurarhymez glad you feelin it bro !

bunkerbeats yyyyeeeenaaaaammmeeeeaaaan

trademarkblud Yanaameean blud !!!!

sosouthern Jheez

raad yes yes


ericofficialz check my beatz out


rizz Mad mad

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iiiiffy Essex

agzzy Braaaaappppp yess iffy my girl glad your onit

nabsi #elevatedsounds

crakey Goin' in!!!

iamcas Yooooooooooooo

agzzy Totally killing it

raad ohh


sts10 Check out my beats girl!! Try my beats thanks!!

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nikimukhi Yess!!!

shacks Yh like that bro

grimson Amazing talent


biskone Dope

wezzly_kane Gwarnnn Son !!!! Love that funky shit !!!! ' im only happy when I'm losing the plot'

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nikimukhi Sick!!

agzzy Proper jokes fuckabout on a quick one lool

djharrylove shame it wasnt longer

agzzy I say this about all the brapp vids would be good to make 2mins long

ptredeyez Yes boys! Big tingz

agzzy @ptredeyez nuff respect bruva big ups

ptredeyez Both flows and bars are high jump levels

agzzy @ptredeyez Seriously bruva means a lot man


grjoemusic Absolutely sick ouchere

harvsletoad ill

raad Smashed it

iiiiffy My boys

agzzy @iiiiffy yes iffy when you gonna bust ya first brapp you can use the DnB tunes I've used if your having trouble finding any

iiiiffy @agzzy finally did one!

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Beat by macdubz
#roughtempo#justdome#drumandbase#myflow#musiciatheeacape#mytunnel#bars#dnb#jumpup#musiclife#brapperz#foreignbeggerz#n... read more


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gabzmc Romford
User @gabzmc's avatar
gabzmc London
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nato Swindon

macdubz Jeeeezzzzz I will get some bits over to you asap bro I promise so busy lately it's mad

nato Say nuttin @macdubz I know your a busy guy

nato @macdubz we need tooooonz

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User @gabzmc's avatar

macdubz Flowssss got some fresh dnb coming real soon bro

gabzmc Swing them my way mate em good bit work there bro