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@madengo's cover photo on Brapp.
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southernquill Nashville
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treethousand Thank-you!


madengo Good work @cheebahawk3000

joeshire This is the shiiiiiz!

treethousand Thanks a heap!


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djevidenz Yeah, some kurupt shit

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harvsletoad No idea what ur sayin but sounds tight

mokenltf @harvsnbone Thx ! I can assure it's worked

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sicksixet dope

hans2g Merci @sicksixet

rebelaca On the beach sliding into the ocean. Smoking. Beautiful g

hans2g Merci @rebelaca puff puff &...

hans2g @faycbeats

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anishbeats Glad you liked the beat! :)

anishbeats flow

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Where's All The Brapp Artists? The Producers Have Been Holding It Up On Here Lately - It's Been Dead!


sicksixet So dope, bare with me

deadott ahhhhh yeeeeeah!!!

timeoutbeats Lol so true, where yall at?

skintman no phone bro!

drskn_ Truth say, I'm a lazy cunt bruh.

ddashred I take that as a challenge

lrd @deadott @sicksixet

lrd @timeoutbeats Producers unite! #CivilWar haha

lrd @skintman @drskn_ the beat is waiting! Haha

timeoutbeats @lrd lmao! We ready

madengo Bruuuuvhhh

grjoemusic I am back

lrd @grjoemusic

grjoemusic Il be brewing one up for this evening

lrd @grjoemusic

jjonas212 nice

lrd @evalazarus

robofjohnson Could listen for hours to thar vocal

ghilburt BEAT

lrd @robofjohnson @ghilburt thank you

elhawk Love this beat

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