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Shamir Khan

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foreignbeggars Downtown Dubai

poopsidick Dope ! How did you do the effect In voice ?

foreignbeggars @poopsidick send an email to

jaykonis yess

poopsidick Thanks bro !!

addsaudio Massive!!!

stretchmc Hahahahaha the bubblers crew oggi

ptredeyez Oh My gosh!!! Bubble-ing!!

gotsomemusic Haha. Wicked. I think I know where that is in Dubai!

iomega How u get that echo

normansmall Bubbling camera work reminder me of the contact video. Just need the trippy effect to finish it off.

foreignbeggars @iomega just update the app


fiyahman Straight fire g. Standard

dsgryme #levels

dkthebarber62 Lol

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larry Bars

_hansolo_ Nice!

emonthebeat Flow go hard on this one

majincraft God damn

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bipald yo

amfs BIG


amfs @sim where can I get the full cut of this g? I can't stop listening too it man. I gotta hear the rest or I'm gonna end up dashing my phone out the window. Cos i think it's teasing man!

uto4kin F

sim Optional("")@amfs not released yet mate. Still working on it for an ep release later this year

majincraft Oi

genghisdaze Certified neck snapper

skslfneis Wooow is very cool

jackiebond as soon as I get an iPhone to download the app, this beat will be murdered.

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blackchemistry fire

xinsanedh Fire bro

tytun Yet again another neck injury ...!!

fishbowl this has to be the fattest beat i've ever heard

amfs leafy da bizznuzz

trippytrip How do you rap with also hearing the beat?

inverse Amazing

majincraft Oi

illuminative That flamer

jwhale Smooth as

oanam30 OMG!!!