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Dan Ball Mcdannyb

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aj_93sp You can sing girl

mcdannyb Another fine piece!!! I've sent you the email regards to vocals

jdanproductions Do you have email? I'd like to collab with you and create a India Arie/Lauren Hill kind of vibes. Would like to work on some songs

aemzo @Mcdannyb thank you gonna look now

aemzo @jdanproductions yes send me some magic blesss .

jdanproductions Bless up, I'll hit you up as soon as and see what we can cook up


jdogg @4evablessed your voice is beautiful gave me goosebumps keep up this brilliant work !

cydemc Hey! I'd love to do a track with you if your keen !?!

bruhluuh MADD DOPE

fabyan Nice!

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User @mcdannyb's avatar