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raad yes yes

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trickzy Went in bro

darkmystiks Great stuff man. Would love for you to flow on one of my beats. Keep up the great work.

darkmystiks Great stuff man. Would love for you to flow on one of my beats. Keep up the great work.

docskeng Going in g, check my beats!

quay_oj Dope

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slendstherapper The way your accent and US influenced flow is put on a grime beat is kinda wavy g!!

mcjumanji yo bigups @slendstherapper

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raad hahaha

sicksixet hahahaaahahaa fs

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tupac Hahaha

botch #showerscene

raad Hahaha


twoface FAM

riddla Looooool

oab reminds me of @missmiakang

bricks hahahahahaha yes man


keiosxlek ahahahaahah you kill me dude !!!

koryus il a niquer le game !!!

sicksixet hahaha

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mcjumanji @foreignbeggars

mcjumanji #brapptag @brapptag tagging in @shayd

itshisstory Eat it up g!

mcjumanji @itshisstory link me on twitter we do the full song g

raad yeaaaahhh


danieldan Sick 1! Up next in #BrappTag is @shayd ~ can't wait!

tocznique Whoop Whoop

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elph this is sick bro

mcjumanji thanks g @elph

slowz That was cool g

hank_hiller Yeah smooth man


sonskrif props, awesome skills

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liamgreenmusic That Miami Heat! Respect from London!

raad Yeah blud

djvadim Heavy bruv

threxxxbeats First class bars

animalfriend Damn good flow. Props.

mcjumanji @ukhhdotcom @grmdaily

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Cocaine To The Lips
Beat by polonis
Miami MC Jumanji on American Grime.. Link me if you feeling this fam.



secundus sick

jrokkamusic choooooo jeeeeez son

3000bass T@respek

quietlife Sick

tnrt BAP BAP!!

mskal youuuuuuuhouuuuu

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skinzmann Fully sickkkk bigup @mcjumanji #usGrime #UK2US Miami link up #brappTV

atari Killed it

jyager @mcjumanji big up my g!!!! Sick bro

polonis jheeze

jrokkamusic double time beazT

fdot1 Solid!!

doncotti yes my g

kyu_tracks Dope!

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Too Gassed To Be On These Streets
Beat by basista
Just a redo for my nc17 rated previous version


mcjumanji @foreignbeggars @starvingyetfull

mcjumanji @basista

wayneross Hard

jyager @mcjumanji this is sick g..

starvingyetfull Sick @mcjumanji

basista Yes yes #americangrime killing it bro !

qperman AG!

jrokkamusic check out... fya rounds 1 & 2 !!! GRIME FYA for ya

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dyna Don-demarco!!

foreignbeggars Boss man in the building

armannireign @foreignbeggars @dyna Salute, family!

mcjumanji Ive paid more than dues!

foreignbeggars @mcjumanji.. Sheez you man are older than me lol

mcjumanji @foreignbeggars @armannireign bare stripes on the shoulder

armannireign @foreignbeggars @mcjumanji wear my heart on my sleeve cuz that's where my stripes go!

youthstar Hard bars Brah!