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thefilthybarkid @mcyt smashed it bro

mcyt Beat is hard , it's a pleasure

disazuzu Eee like


bgfrecords Hello. Really like your flow, wanna bring you some value. DM us on insta @bgfrecords

mcyt @bgfrecords thanks for the heads up ,will holla

3worldmusic man I would love to hear you on a track hit me up or cooperstromo on instagram

mcyt @3worldmusic 100% add me on insta TheRealMcYT

sts10 Check out my beats bro..!!

sts10 Try my beats bro..!! Thanks

mcyt @sts10 send away dude

sts10 Try this:


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gabzmc Yessss girl big up

yzermc Optional("")@gabzmc bless gabz!

agzzy Yesss yzer getting on brapp big ups girl looking forward to hearing more fire

yzermc Optional("")@agzzy bless mate! Expect to hear more

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hollyflo Bristol

The D
Beat by challis_uk
Challis on D beat, India Kitty on DBVs and Dregs on D Adlibs


bearbeats Real smooth real niiiiiice, u repping bear beats in this too

hollyflo Yes!




harvsletoad sweet jebus. Smoothie dis wunn


raad Haha Yeah holly

lordofciphers Hold tight Bristol! smooth bars

cobes Niceee!!!

doesitmatter fyah!

thingy yes

samthomas Oh maaaa gawshhhhh

orchestraartist This is sickkkkkk

drogbeats Login to Brapp to see my sister on my homepage!

4ambeatz I c u

_chillmode_ Nice

daihard This is fire

dubdiggah Dope

rambler Heavy!!


danmacartist sick!

kaikai1212 Olá

rezen187 Nice flow! Check out my beats

rober Hay

rober Good good

rober Very nice

marston That’s dope!

shustersava Oh God, I fell in love with this blonde!

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scorcha My dude fucking dope rhymes. Feeling the flows damn bro

da_ruff_poet Good looking @scorcha

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rix Swindon

rkivemusic yes man! you and your boy got bars!

rix Cheers man he's 7 next week and your beat is sick his words

nikimukhi Yes sickkkk!!

evon it

subtraxmusic Father and son awesome !!! Got boys of my own that's the aim right there!!

rix @subtraxmusic thanks man

bigg22 little man smashed it big up rix crew can't test the small guy he got bars

putitonline Sick nice one bro love it

quantumatics Awesome!!!

raad dope

jordantwin Wicked bro

isaintjames oiiii

beeunreal Radical little G!

sa Dope !!! Big up

eternal510 Awesome flow

xseventysix Dope shit man!!!!

djteeoh fire!!

mcyt That's big

rix @4evablessed thanks my son ain't too bad either lol no but really thank you

biskone This is gold

rkivemusic @brapp need to make this into one of your HD vids

_chillmode_ That's wassup

nobez_sn Gwarn

thafamilia Big tings

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gabzmc Romford

Ive listened at many tryna flow🙏
Beat by macdubz


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hollyflo Montpelier

#Brapptv #soleDXB
Beat by charliemac
This beat is hard! Charlie Mac


ptredeyez BIGTINGZ!

dertbagginz ard!!!!!!!!


hollyflo Safeeee thank you feel free to repost in return for sexual favours

hollyflo From @ptredeyez mind

jolene U got this

hollyflo @graciegrey

foreignbeggars Gwaan Holly

hollyflo Thank you @foreignbeggars for sharing !

raad yeah holly.. killed it! been too long d

hollyflo thank you @raad

hollyflo @charliemac what do you think cuz

agzillabeats Going in. Dope. Zz.

waltzzuk You dope.

mimindme can everyone check out my video real appreciated!

lemongirl yes holly

ruuumusik Dope


castrotaurus Damn!!!!!!

charliemac Yep @hollyflo smashed it

nebula_beatz Propre

iamsaintpaul @hollyflo your flow on this and wordplay is fucking flawless!!! I'm hooked we need to do a song asap!!!!

iamsaintpaul @brapptv @hollyflo deserves a blue tick for this!!!

oliversudden OOIIIIIIII

eightysix MURDERATION ..

willb So heavy!

boneintell Whoa

impro Big flow!

ladysanity Oiii! Holly you snapped on this

alia Holy shitttttt badass

thinkmotivate Flow

mringlorious1 Love the way u switched up in this Biggs up

dhackmedia your dope girl

mimindme Hello please repost/watch my latest brapp video much appriciated! Thanks

murdoch007 Nice flows #CoolVibes #Slick #Dope :)

prodbear nice

quarterthagreat Doooooope!!!!!

andsamlad This is tooo good!

trauma74 Dope...check my beats . Got a nice jazzy one for you on there.

evon Proper

bigbobcohen Hell yeah, you pulled me in from the first Bar

mcyt Girl you tear this up !! Got really good wordplay

at3mmedia Muuadd!!

keiosxlek Uhhhhh dope girl !!!

alphamemphis this is fire

thesinger That was just... I listened 3x’s and started following you. So dope


thesinger @soulsinger21

thesoulsinger @hollyflo Nice

nepaul Damn!

rwbspain @hollyflo nice!

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raad yes yes

crissy88 Yes bro!

mcyt Glad you all like

nato Bad bwoi check my dnb freestyles out bro your mad bruddah

mcyt @nato il check that big up bro , will put another video next week

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boneintell Clifton

gwop kill it everytime fam !!

mrconcept I'd buy that on 12 x 2 for beat juggling. Release that!

mrconcept Reminds me of old Black Eyed Peas

boneintell @gwop

boneintell @Mrconcept ty fam

gwop lmmmmmaoooo !!!!! @bum nigga on facebook !!!!!!!

raad champ

keiranmerrick Killin it

boneintell @raad

boneintell @Keiranmerrik ty

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raad dope

doesitmatter sick bruh