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MC Zani

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challis_uk Smashed this one too bro. Respect!

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illaman Yo @JMAN over to you g.

nikimukhi Insideeeeee

foreignbeggars mad ting!!!!

pyne Yep

raad ill

rejuraps woi oi

danieldan Cheers @illaman big ups! Nice tag with @JMAN

mrreem Tchek my prods man

mczani jeez!!

koryus goood v!


gardna Bad man

russtafari Pure ! If you have a moment, I would love to hear you spit on one of my beats.

jimscreechy its like the beards giving man magical powers and dem ting deh...Fire bars bruddah vet status

mrsymphony @mangoman

mrsymphony @mangoman


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mczani brappin in the O2 Arena!!

raad fuck yeah

evalazarus SIIIIIICK!

jazzychavo UGH!!!

mrreem Sup im beatboxer too , follow back

quantizemusic1 Livvvvveeee

davebass BAss6 yes!!!!

chesterp Sick

pyne Fire

psyke Too cool!

cecilmcfarrell Hard

vicebeats yes guys! Big ups Bass6 as ever!!!

dhuz sick tune!! :) :) :)

southernquill Love

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foreignbeggars Aah Geah

mrfayyaz #bars

slowz Sick g



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nikimukhi Heavy!!

lastdoghung Feelin that!

mczani boom!!

quantumatics Dope!!

mrfayyaz Dope. Keep 'em coming.


User @pravvyprav's avatar

missmiakang Gully 16s

oab sick!!!

nonames gully. Mad

pleura_fe Dope

djvadim Gully16s I'm sampling this shit!!!!! Wat brap

mrchisti I prefer u in black n white, just sayin...

pravvyprav @djvadim I can com record breaks for you anytime bro. Live vibe good recordings but feel free to take them!

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jakaboski Shouts to Caseyjones on the beat

casablanca Nice mate!!

illiterate_ fucking ill

foreignbeggars oh shiiit.. hahaha on point!!

eightysix WORDS

hank_hiller Banger!

genghisdaze ill as

b3fambusiness Big

unbalanced love this

mczani Jeeez

harvsletoad Don

sonnyjim Sick

mrslipz Yea yo!


azlan delicious

illuminative Dope

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Nasty Little Nobhead...
Beat by ghosttownbeats
Wrote this to ghost towns beat on the bus this morning... London heads grizzling in the rain... #ghosttown props for... read more


genghisdaze There's plenty too fuel these bars of

innatej Nice nice

staykonked Ayyy that was live!!

silverback So good

mczani Yes Diz!! Respect g

grillo Hot damnnn

azlan unreal


seldom Who's undone your plumbing whilst you're lacking pipe dreams. Flame!

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The Fool
from the archives!


nikimukhi Trippy!! X

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Beat by physiks
Quick likkle 16 on this Brapp ting!!


physiks big ups!

mrchisti Yes Imagery! Heavy

mczani Yes imagery!

mczani Brapp

innatej Nice nice!!

User @physiks's avatar

tomryan Shit man this is HEAVY!!

leafdog thts dope\

ceewhy Niceness

dosgringos Sick!

cecilmcfarrell This tune's seriously sick. Big up

newancients @physiks Dopeness

User @chesterp's avatar

Beat by dosgringos
Here's a little Tuesday bars for all you braptivists! #chesterp #realtalkrecords #childrenbornmental #werockhard#... read more


dosgringos Yesss!! Man like Chester P!!! Big respect for jumping on the beat!!! That's made our day!!! Bars are heavyweight!!! Respect!!!

djangomankub yes bro

deathwishxbaby bangin

themez BRRRRAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!! He brap app just got shit down!! CBM REALTALK yes Chessss

leafdog @brapptivist ow shit..... thats the fire chess remind them!

bossmanbrown Team robbo

lafferdog Fuck wanksy

drsyntax Yeeeessss!

shotstoppa Fake fuck banksy!!!! Real Talk



sosouthern Oh my word

ajp Fire!!


tommyhatchet once again never fails to entertain wnte

3mb4 Gwannnn!!!

liamgreenmusic Man like Chester one of the reasons I spit!


djvadim King robbo!


room237beats Clancy bar delivered heavy

longshanks Big up chess

wrdy Check me out bro @chesterp

micallparknsun CBM for life!!!!!!!!


trickzy You went in so hard i think im gonna quit hahah

djvadim Spitting fire Chester!

krayze King shit