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Jayden Pinn

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shamsawy Berlin

nikimukhi Yooo!!

shamsawy @nikimukhi One love

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medikayshun Bodied it bro, haha yeah that drop is a right bitch Big up @dotz for lookin

dotz @medikayshun haha got it in the end safe g

ruffriderinnit Your flows and rhymes are sick mate

dotz @Ruffriderinnit mad love! I've got tons of free music

mcase fuck yes, you caught the drop bro!

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medikayshun Top work fam

verbo Safe geeze!! Are you using that beat atall? Would love to put that on my upcoming E.P for ONELION records if ur keen?

medikayshun Sounds good to me man, reach me at ,I'll send it over

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Whodini on the final act
Beat by hozay
Shouts to @hozay killing it on the beats, the maschine machine! Melbourne bars #battlebars #boombaprap #medikayshun



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psyke Cheers to @medikayshun for dope beat!

medikayshun Murked it mate

psyke Haha Cheers bro!

psyke Is there a full version of this beat @medikayshun

medikayshun @psyke I only just made it as a general beat, there isn't a hook change or anything, get at me at if you want to chat about it

danieldan Would love to hear a full track

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nikimukhi Dope!

jazzychavo Nice!!!!!


nikhilenvy Sick!!

thebreaks Yeeeaaaaaah

medikayshun Fresh Bars

slowz Nice1


shotgunshell Yes!

gig19 perfect @ladysanity

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nikimukhi Yes


medikayshun Nice bars homie

eightysix "Like drum sets or drunk skets " YEP

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