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Melle Jutte

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Grimey thing I was working on!


stretchmc Im writing real shizzle for this @mellejutte hold tight!!!!!!!

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Odin - Struck [Instrumental]
Thank you for the warm welcome to @Brapp! <3 I love seeing all your reactions, bars and likes! In return I decided to... read more


diaspace Gek hoor

thebreaks Cancer sexi

sense16 This is actually beautiful, I'm writing some deep serious bars over this. I appreciate your work keep it up

mrfayyaz Makes me feel all kinds of good

albarizza That's looooovely 🎶 xx

eightysix Smooood

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Track I'm working on for my forthcoming EP!


odindj Geeezzz🔥🔥

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Odin - Untitled - Looking for #Vocalists
Aye people...If u are a #RnB / #Soul #vibes #singer feelin this #beat, then hit me up' comment below and I will shoot... read more


eightysix Trax a winner .no more said .............Matter fact you ain't feelin it you either numb or dead

thebreaks @jamescherry @graziella @starvingyetfull @shereesurreal @laville @alia @joshbevan

odindj @eightysix thanks mate!!❤️🙏🏽

joshbevan Yo man, would love a pop at this. You can send to

bleeckr Woahh this is sick. Love to see what I can do with it? 👌🏽

summitn This is chill as brother. Please send a demo to and I'll lay you some vox.

shereedubois Oooh niiiiice, yep would love to play on this @odindj

mellejutte 🙌🙌🙌

stretchmc Yeah yeah

odindj @Shereesurreal pass me your email! :)

shereedubois @odindj I've inboxed you on insta x

djevidenz Real nice, got some marvin vibe going

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Project I worked on yesterday, could use some vocals!


ratherreal It's a banger mate!

stretchmc Ooooph 👍

odindj Straight fire bro🔥🔥

itshisstory This is tight yo!

paquitomoniz Tunes hoor