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Late night calls
Beat by hardybeatz
Heard the beat, loved it, so a completely random tune and words as they apoeared live.


hardybeatz love it

daihard Woooo!

michelleward Thank you!

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michelleward Melody!!! Sheeesh typo!

sontwisted Good voice

michelleward Cheers x

djevidenz Powerful and soulful voice

michelleward @djevidenz thank you

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So be it
Beat by gwop
A very soft vocal


djevidenz Great

gwop DOPE !!!!!!!!!!

michelleward Cheers

imfloki That old soul funky vibe! Love it

ominousred DOPE

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That bad feeling
Beat by gwop
Lost it a bit at the end But it is spontaneous!


gwop DOPE !!!

_hansolo_ This is so good!

michelleward Thatโ€™s you two. Lost my way at the end lol but thatโ€™s jamming for you! X

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If there is a god
Beat by hardheaded_prod
Straight up jam sing what comes in!


hardheaded_prod Dopeee

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daruffpoet Beautiful voice

michelleward Thank you x

daruffpoet @michelleward your welcome

casino65cash This is nice

michelleward Thanks you x

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Beat by daihard
Little jazz free style jam


daihard Well.....that was beautiful

drweathers I really dig your style and your voice is very memorable

michelleward Thank you for the lovely comments x

hardybeatz One for that mixtape @diahard

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coryw Love this amazing

michelleward Thank you

nblue God damn

michelleward Thank you all x

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Wish that nan
Beat by timeoutbeats
Love this laid back vibe and so many great ideas and vocals from people.


timeoutbeats Great vocals! Thanks for jumping on the beat

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michelleward Really love this beat - love to do a full tune.

samthomas Such a smooth vibe! Would love to write with you

marston Amazing vocal

michelleward Thank you


lafleur Feeeeewwwww

larry Holy shit

michelleward @larry

michelleward @lafleur

michelleward @marston cheers

michelleward Thank you for re posting xxx

enterthelab Gorgeous smooth voice

gwop @michelleward whats your instagram

michelleward Thank you! @luckybitches instagram Iโ€™m a radio presenter by day!

kasandajulah Damn u can sang gurl

michelleward Thank you x

michelleward @kasandajulah Thank you so much Xx

tonymaden Damn girl you can sing, Michelle you are amazing

mcase Niiiiiiiiice

michelleward Thank you for all the comments and likes x

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Beat by charlieb
Play the beat and jam a tune n words. Love this laid back beat


charlieb Fantastic. Thank you.

nonsprod nice