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deadott dope!

ddashred Damn son! You killed and it understand french, mad world play.

koryus bon flow mec !!

chinaski sympa

jaysu @Nespliff / Au Top mon gars! Chine mes prod' , ça m'ferait chaud le cœur que tu poses sur l'une d'elle!

thatkidilla 100 bro enjoyed that shizzzz x

velcrofficiel Propre ! T'es bon 💪🏾

robdbloc louurd

beatcotheque 👌🏽🔥

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deem Lourd

delf Bon bail !

puf2 Pas mal !

mpm_producer What's good man! This is Marco, I'm a producer from Italy, and I have an idea! Can I have an e mail from you? I love your flow and I'd like to do a collabo! Let me know if you're interested!

poopsidick Optional("")@mpm_producer yes man, my mail :

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foreignbeggars bluk bluk

raad 🔥👊

molekprod Lourd frere

nespliff Merci les gars ⚡️

tupac Ouais ouais

evalazarus 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

poopsidick Bonne vibes frère ;)

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binakaj Hey.. What happend with my beat?

maximus Sorry maid that was dope but my friend delete the freestyle

zbeul Du lourd!

keiosxlek "J'brise cette carapace qui m'asphyxie quand j'erit des paragraphes remplis d'image fictif " lourd mon gars big up !!!

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ceji Du lourd gros !

jazzychavo je ne parle pas francais but this sounds good!! pow pow!

velcrofficiel Un bon texte un bon flow, du coup c'est du bon rap ! Continue !

skanky c bon ça gars

mikefr Extra!

lxn Bic up!

ladysanity Love your flow!

soilitos00 ca tue

mohtazi Excellent

brappfr #BrappFrance

rafapara Niceee