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milver Oxford

Gimme that monkey rood lad
Beat by baileysbrown
Big up the potentfunk gang. Gimme that comp entry opportunity #stillfresh #brapptv #potentfunk


fostered Oi oi my brother that was decent

milver @fostered thanks for listening bro

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Gimme That
#potentfunk #murderation Get featured on the official remix of 'Gimme' recorded at Potent Funk HQ! 1) Download the... read more


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lastdoghung Great to hear you my friend! This is quality.. as usual!


milver @eightysix Big up MOnGo

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milver The only serious thing I'll ever say is this, My portals exit will be a time when humans didn't exist

lastdoghung Mate! Very nice indeed

milver @lastdoghung thanks man. Glad you're feeling it.

quantumatics Dope

milver @quantumatics thanks B

gowipe wicked

milver @gowipe thanks man

sturje This is sick man!

milver @sturje safe man

sts10 Check out my beats BRO!! Try my beats thanks!!

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milver Sick!

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milver @bigbenbtmkr floaty beat man

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Post-capsize Sri Lankan Sam
Love this dude. He's been showing us round his area for the last few days.


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Write it off - prod by @adsr
Anger kiling writtens fuelled by the ADSR


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lastdoghung Quality as always!

kidblanco exactly , bigup g

milver @illahkay respect, brother

kidblanco #bless

quantumatics Dope

milver @quantumatics thanks man

elhawk @milver your verse is dope...check some of my shit out.. would love to get on this track with you. @lastsoghung dopest beat ever man

milver @elhawk just emailed you man

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milver When you don't follow religion but still say "oh my gaawwd".

milver @lastdoghung can I have this one mate?

lastdoghung @milver it's all yours mate... got a little something else cooking for you too

milver @lastdoghung can't wait buddy

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milver Woi!

lastdoghung @Milver ta for the repost bud


teelyve Smooooooooth

lastdoghung @raad

lastdoghung @teelyve cheers bro

grimson Big tune

lastdoghung Cheers @agitate

grimson Have you got the whole version for Download?

lastdoghung @agitate no, but if I get the chance to knock one up, I'll tag you in on a link