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Mia Kang

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stretchmc Hahahaha

shubzmusic man said sheeps is deep ;D im dying, brilliant

slowz Man said the eels feel me! Snm that was sick

oab hahaaaaa e45

dhackmedia Yes

quantumatics Hahahahaha soft hands!

shayd Loooooool

tomryan Scary thing is a guy who lives in my town actually fucked a Shetland pony loool worst part is he still has friends haha

troublebcn Waiting for them to send me some wonky, while i am kickin it with this donkey. -p.mukhi 2016

oli_east This flow is what it's all about. Calm. Not trying too hard but better than most

jrolla Yes yes! Nature relate!!


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julezus_caeser Ard

verse1 Love it bruv ,beat is fat 2

foreignbeggars Badman

foreignbeggars I should get you the beat to meek for real..

missmiakang I love you

dharmonk_beats soo sick

3000bass Decent


datavelli Whoooii

orkeztra fire


blatantlyblunt smashed it!

mskal Nice dude.....

russ Yes rags you memba me??? I told you at high focus 5th b day at plan b Brixton u was going places saw u at the boat party Croatia we was talking about Crawley and I said won't be long till u hit radio. Absolutely smashing it brudda good to see a local dude killin music.....the Deep South is watching man stay on top

evon Nice

krayze Yes bruv....

rhymasaurartist Leaving em' all behind ....


eratticrecords Yesss raggers

odie_beatz Dope man

bgfrecords Like your flow. Dm us on insta @bgfrecords

26beats This man is on Fire !!!!


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nonames This could be a thing, freestyles of modelling.. Pout-style

missmiakang @nonames haha! please get involved and do a poutstyles video

cecilmcfarrell @nonames actual lol.

jfield This kinda freaked me out not gonna lie, your normal ones of you bopping you head are alright, but just looking into the camera freaked me out lol, much love anyway

oab Thanks for that @missmiakang, just need to work on your delivery, flow and content.

jfield lolol! @oab

oab No joke, i'd love to hear her drop a bar !

darksoul @missmiakang when you have time please check my shit out you won't be disappointed

oab where you bin at @missmiakang i missed you

slowz I don't know what to say... Ur sexy but yh not really feelin the lack of everything else

sicksixet wow this beat!!

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oab uuuh!! bang bang, thats real ill man

oab @hirollabeats knows!

nikimukhi Dope!!

foreignbeggars The Man The Legend... Big up @mocity

jrokkamusic thats my brother HIROLLA @hirollabeats

jrokkamusic dope lyrics

missmiakang WOOOOOOW YES!!!

mrchisti My man that was incredible!!!!

raad Yes yes! BIG UPS

genghisdaze Old school flow

rembo E is the Don if there's anyone making more sense than him on this app I ain't heard it


noisiboi yea son

User @pravvyprav's avatar

missmiakang Gully 16s

oab sick!!!

nonames gully. Mad

pleura_fe Dope

djvadim Gully16s I'm sampling this shit!!!!! Wat brap

mrchisti I prefer u in black n white, just sayin...

pravvyprav @djvadim I can com record breaks for you anytime bro. Live vibe good recordings but feel free to take them!

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suttin smoooooth


bennyaves Oooooh

missmiakang Oh yes oh yes oh yes

eightysix Yeaaaah . This ones a diamond

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anicesouvenir @3000bass date savers

missmiakang This is fucking great

anicesouvenir @missmiakang the date was whack as well!

User @missmiakang's avatar

nikimukhi I agree!! That is happy... And this beat is fuggin craaazzyyyy

silverback Amazing Instagram btw.talents


sicksixet whos is this?

User @ragnboneman's avatar

illuminative Aha legendary, only real g's freestyle whilst they're driving @ragnboneman

oab Uuuhh!!

nikimukhi So amaze!!

missmiakang You are fucking great. More please!

lebreeze So dope.

shotstoppa West London Music Ting

oab you fucking talented bastard !

jrokkamusic soulful vocal

challis_uk Yeah

yorkz How you gonna make describing traffic sound so nice


djvadim Sick sir! Gonna peep u on m25 next time !

bigsmokinjoe YES!! This is siiiick! Huge beat, huge bars!! Salute


ricksta big ups g!

skitz heavy bro love that

fuzzyjumble My man.

illinformed @ragnboneman Sick cuzzzin!!! FIyyyah

cashus That's some soul right ther

keiosxlek hooowww daaaammnnn i like iiit broooooowwwww !!! more and more and more and more please :)

koryus une voix de ouf mec !!!

fromthesoul1990 Smashed it!!

nebula_beatz daaaaaaaaaamn


cashus Yo man, your lungs are strong big up! Would u be interested in singin on my hook for this track we're going to shoot a video for? FB is Anthony Policelli -Hamilton , On Canada. @ragnboneman

mills17 Yes yes yes yes yes

mimindme @ragnbonemman amazing! Much love #Brightonrep follow me if you can

jaye yes G

djvadim Yes bruv big voice ya got. Luv to try something in the studio if ya down

ludwigvandub blues rap dope

kusht Love ya voice man. Unreal .

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

eratticrecords Lol nice What beat is that raggers???

oleg31rus Красавчик :-)

rondeux Bro your A real artist here... respect

timeoutbeats Bro I just heard you with Logic on the Bright soundtrack!! Big ups! Making moves

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She has no master
This ones for you, and you ,and yoooo¬!


missmiakang I frickin love this with all my heart and soul. Where can I get some of your music?

oab Glad you like it, I Made it especially For U

oab @missmiakang and other places. x

missmiakang Wow @oab that's incredible. No ones ever made music for me, I'm gonna remember this for the rest of my life. You're incredible. And I mean it I love this beat. X

jfield Ahahaha I'll put a video up on this beat

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saulthesame yuuhyuh! safe & warm. all about the love. bigggups!

newancients Yeah girl preach! Big up @missmiakang, beautiful in body and mind. Now you gotta show'm your soul, drop some bars on us!

funtcaseuk exactly

anicesouvenir I think you were making it work for you. I do film reviews on mine. Make it work for you! Don't have to just rap/sing...create your own BRAPPmosphere innit. I love your steez. Keep it up.

missmiakang @saulxl @newancients @funtcaseuk @anicesouvenir you feeeeeel me. Sending loadsa love x

silverback Wise words

mrversatilemind What it's all about

oab @missmiakang I love how you swear, like it wasn't meant for you so it sound naughty, i love your choice of beat, makes your voice sound like sex with a hint of jazz n irish liqueur, and I take back what i said before, your definitely not shy. Do your thing, keep spreading the love, you good at it.x

oab @missmiakang I love how you swear, like it wasn't meant for you so it sounds naughty, i love your choice of beat, makes your voice sound like sex with a hint of jazz n irish liqueur, and I take back what i said before, your definitely not shy. Do your thing, keep spreading the love, you good at it.x

missmiakang @oab wooooow thank you. So much love to you. Love your vibes xx

illuminative Straight up preacher @missmiakang

joeshire @oab you soppy star

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