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Sahil Kumar Dhingra

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foreignbeggars Baker Street

sosouthern Oi sick flow this beat is so cold aswell

sosouthern Them gassy "jheez" at the end ya kna

gauravdhar BrappuLa Approves.

grillo Yeahh

macdubz YES !! My bro

3mebeatz Too much bro

cecilmcfarrell I'm lovin this shit yo! Spitting on road like a boss.

brosafari Yessss

jrtjrtjrt Yessss man!

sm Yea

bannyb legend thanks for the follow!!! keep up the good work!

grjoemusic Whoo

iliaigoravich So fkn dope man

airikme Wesh c’est du lourd ma geullll

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oab freeezing!

nikimukhi Damnnn!

newancients That's fire son!

siah Man like niko is. Sick.

foreignbeggars @siah yeah man he's on 4 tracks on the Talib album

dharmonk_beats dope shit

jyager dope g

thefilthybarkid This is dope

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blurum13 Yoda gets a shout

nikimukhi This is the best thing I've ever seen!! Big up the @blurum13 family

blurum13 @nikimuki thanks we keepin it movin.

genghisdaze Damn that was great!!

newancients The future

oab uuuuuuuuuuuh!!

bannyb Whata lad!

alwaysel This is amazing. Love x

fromthesoul1990 Keep it up lil dude!

eightysix Brilliant . Complex yet made to look easy .

shlomo Wowowow!!