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@monsieureone's cover photo on Brapp.
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raad so dope

quest Gaaad daaayum dude. Love this.

monsieureone Fuckin dopeness!!!

monsieureone I am sure we ALL want the entire song!!! Seriously guys this one is really sick!

foreignbeggars YEAAAAAAh

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zarahjones Norwich

monsieureone oh yeesss !! what a voice !!!! very impressed.. thank you so much to choose my beat for this piece of song.. Speak with you about a colab whenever you want !! <3

timeoutbeats Niceee

zarahjones @monsieureone cheers! Glad you like it. Would love to get the full version

zarahjones @timeoutbeats

zarahjones Niceeee oneeee

timeoutbeats Lol

monsieureone @zarahjones with pleasure! Give me fews days to finish it and may be we can work something together on it? What is your email?

zarahjones and yea a collab

zarahjones @Monsieurone any chance I can get that beat sooner rather than later? The response Iv had back in 24 hours is immense! If love to do two versions, one of my own and one with you if poss but wanna play it live @sundown on Saturday is this possible

zarahjones @monsieureone I'm hounding you for this beat loool

zealous1 Karma gives back do love yes!!!

zarahjones Check out the finished version on soundcloud @MissZarahJonesX

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bigshamu Glasgow

monsieureone Oh oh!

monsieureone Big up mate

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monsieureone cimer d avoir posé sur ma prod gros! On est la!

mskatt Dyeah avec plaisir elle groove bien la Prod Peace

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steelberg Yes Yes, would you be keen to work on some tracks together?

monsieureone @fionajane so glad you choosed my beat for this beautiful song! I am ready for a colab anytime you want!


fionajane @monsieureone ah glad you like it. Wicked, my email is

hollyflo Love this !!

ahurumazda Jewelz Queen

chylez Just amazing!! Love your voice, it's just perfect.

sofunkyman The entire song please

zarahjones Love this chick!!!

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milver Dope!

monsieureone @milver thanks a lot mate!

tu_manic What’s that sample from ?!?! So hard I know but can’t put my finger on it

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Nice Theme
A reggae-Funky-Hiphop vibe, sunshine is back ! (not finished) #hiphop #brapp #rap #beat #beats #raw #frenchbeats


botastic This is faking hard!!!

monsieureone @botastic thanks mate!

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monsieureone nice bro !!

bjornmajestik @monsieureone thanks for blessing us with the heat!

kyu_tracks Fire!

docskeng Fire, check my beats g

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monsieureone Thanks @thebreaks for the repost!!

jonnycapicola Nice one!!!

djevidenz alaways love to hear the lick on the snare

monsieureone @djevidenz me too mate!!

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mskal je valide!!!! jolie taff......

monsieureone @mskal merci poto! La France est la!!

monsieureone @lb merci pour le repost!

futurarhymez aime ça! je pense avoir raccord celui-ci quelque!

geobeatzuk Big!

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Nowhere to be seen
Beat by monsieureone
Massive respect going out to @monsieureone on this dope ass instrumental ! Some new ones for ya more too come soon... read more


drewdude fire

futurarhymez Bless gg! @drewdude got another coming soon over you know what;)

klandestyne tighness rhyme on the cypher , flowing vibes @monsiereone

monsieureone Shout out to you @futurarhymez !! Big up !!

futurarhymez Respect don!! lovin the beats man need to get on proper collab!! @monsieurone


futurarhymez Respect! @kyu_tracks just writing some new ones for a beat of yours!

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monsieureone Dopeness!

hoopa Respec my g