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Monroe London, UK

User @fionajane's avatar

charliemac love it @fionajane

nebula_beatz Wow

nikimukhi Yes sick!!! @fionajane @charliemac

stlr83 So Sweet !

uk Amazing

raad sooo gooood

percyfilth Nooice.

mkthesensaigora Perfect

mattylicorice @fionajane. Soundcloud? bandcamp? anything i can listen to you for longer than a minute on pleaaase

mattylicorice <3 <3

kam32 Jheeeze. That sound of yours is off the hook. Message me. We gotta talk on a pro thing...

leyn Woooooooo!!!

djsarahc Love how you are doing your thing on this beat

renzeeno Wooo this is crazy man love it

ptredeyez Beautiful piece of music

monz You're sick

copiusbeats Stunning voice complimenting the beat perfectly

physiks breathtaking

freedotbee wow

brwn You don't understand how much I wana jump in this song with u what a voice

ludwigvandub dope !!

dubdiggah nice


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grimebritannia Croydon

raad unstoppable

oozhe Right @grimebritannia we got to work on a project! Your killing it out here!

grimebritannia Sounds like a plan homie @oozhe

monz Arrrd


kidblanco #uknoitblud ! #thanksfofollowing!

darkmystiks @grimebritannia Thats what im talking about