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sammydozens @leafdog I had to jump straight in coz its 16 bars fam nice beat tho

mookvignes Super dope

bipola fuck yeah! dope...

sammydozens @bipola cheers bro

emceekilla Yo sammy man, big up bro

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nikimukhi Dubai

shotstoppa Nice jam bro. That shred at the end had me smiling! ✌🏼️

genghisdaze Compliments the beat perfectly mate. We need to hook up

djevidenz Love it

dizraeli Real lovely- like the bendy shit especially.

drsyntax Lovely stuff!

bro_quest Love it

nikimukhi Big up u guys! @shotstoppa @genghisdaze @djevidenz @dizraeli @drsyntax @broquest !! Loving the love 👊🏽

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jyager You're too sick bro this incredible live this

jyager Love this