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D PiPz Perivale, UK

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Real Hip-Hop?
Beat by leafdog
Bars taken from the Novar FLIP song 'Real Things' that can be heard on 'The Last Man Standing' project available for... read more


00doylej01 Bars 🔥

challis_uk Heavy bro

themez Crazy

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samoraj Neuchâtel

mrchisti Uber Bonn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

samoraj @mrchisti thx boy !

fbidmytro ♨️

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samoraj Neuchâtel

mskal Nice work @samoraj

samoraj @mskal 💪🏼

bgfrecords Damn, like your flow! DM us on instagram @bgfrecords , wanna bring you some value!

sts10 Checkout My Beats!!!

mega_litt Like

thingy Vibes🎤

sts10 Check out my beats BRO!! Try my beats thanks!!🎤🎹▶🎵

pra 😎🎶eee✌🏿

mrreem Tchek mes prod man

26beats C completement fou !! 🔥🔥🔥

samoraj Optional("")@26beats merci poto!

26beats Jten pris ;) va faire un tour sur @26beats et pose sur un de nos sons ce serait un honneur pour nous ;)

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charliemac 🔥👊✌️

akvtje we must work together because I'll give you a lesson

renzeeno Uhhh i like this b. You got that oldskool vibe to it 💯💯💯🎤🎤

dubdiggah Rah Rah! 💣

aemzo Yeassss🔥

mfvandal Fire 🔥

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prodbyngl Fire bro !! Check out my beats🙏🏽

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drjekalmrhi Hard bars

bgfrecords Damn, nice flow. Wanna bring you some value! Dm us on insta @bgfrecords

marston That flow though 😮🔥silky brother

ped Respect @marston one love bruddah👊🏻

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rambler Bristol

Being human
Props to @percyfilth for the heavy beat! Little somtihing somthing i felt like spitting. #ukhiphop


percyfilth Big up Rambler. Dope.

dubdiggah Sick flow. Thanks for repost. 🙏

rambler @percyfilth safe my g the beat is gully!!!

rambler @dubdiggah safe my g!

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User @bmrpro's avatar

mrchisti Heavy 🔥🔥🔥💥💥

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dr9p3x United Kingdom

raad yes yes 👊🔥💯

iratticrecords Your good reminds me off the o.d.b ✌🏼

dr9p3x @raad manners and respect. Appreciated man. @iratticrecords that is a big compliment yo !! Blessings to you in abundance. Respect.

bigshamu keep em coming like this! big upd for using my beat, peace

dr9p3x @bigshamu bless up. The only thing a lyricist requires is the vibes. Peace.

prodbyngl Fire bro !! Check out my beats🙏🏽

dr9p3x @prodbyngl bless.

sciencebeats BIG! 💣💣💣💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥

dr9p3x @sciencebeats muchas gracias.

dubble_ggg I blessed this beat before I caught yours bravo man... av a look if I get chance

mfvandal Love this my man is a G bad man spitter

specialists dam, I had to remind this twice, dope !

sts10 Check out my beats bro.!!! Try them once.

matka 🙌🙌🙌 boom !!!! Look my beat bro

iratticrecords can you rap over my beat.the grow house?????

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josiff Aberystwyth

Got A Couple Issues
Beat by folk
Guess Who's Backkk, Dot Expect Greatness, just a quick ten min ting to keep yall interested! Big ups to @qba Such a... read more


mrchisti Sik!

folk killer! thank you very match!

raad 👊🔥

josiff @raad bless up bruddha🙌🏼 mad respect