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Mark Van Den Broek Amsterdam, Netherlands

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southernquill Chicago

thesoulsinger @southernquill Awesome

southernquill Thx for all the love @den_gora #noted

gwop DOPE !!!

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hannahtobias London Borough of Hackney

Ebb & Flow
Beat by themouseoutfit
First brapp in agesss but I was feeling creative in the park #chill #jazzy



ahsht GO TOBIAS!!

88mugraw Incredible

rubix My guy who help the coin says stay persistent You will make it with this type of voice yeah

romeurocha Damnn

manlikecb Amazing voice

sentra You’re liiiiiiit wtf hit me up. What are you recording this on mic wise

charlieb Amazing voice.


phades You’re dope

davinder nice

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mrmarruk this is dope!!! thanks for using the beat

goodbrodatv @mrmarruk salute broda keep comin

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casperlove22b Once again you are the Maaaan :)

ketilone Hey you recorded some vocals over my beat a few years ago but it says it got deleted. Your voice was really good and I wanted to show people the video. Why did you delete it??

leomannofficial Ow sorry which song was it i can do it again, i use to cancel impro i wasnt fan of it x u should have told me before! Maybe u can send the full track and i try somethin on:)