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Jonny Hurd

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djez Thx 4 the beat !!



djez Thx !!


djez Thx @raad

djez @mrversatilemind hi ! Can you send me the beat please ? I think we can make something !!! your sound is so dope ! Thank you !! Check my e-mail:

mrversatilemind @djez yeah for sure , I'll send it over to you

djez @mrversatilemind thank you !!

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Got Pissed , went NUTS!! Think i broke the MPC!! :/


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poopsidick available ?

mrversatilemind @poopsidick , yes it is available !

poopsidick @contact ?

mrversatilemind Links to Facebook and sound cloud on my page ! Email address is!

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mrversatilemind Mate that was sick

mcsubliminal @mrvesatilemind Nice one bro, beats absolute fire!!

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Beat by jazzychavo
Taken from the forthcoming LP 'Squeegeebladesncheezygrade' #cecilmcfarrell #mrvocab #clockinupthemileage #ninthletta... read more


jazzychavo you got the feeling bro! big up!!!

cecilmcfarrell @jazzychavo

oab Bigup!!

cecilmcfarrell @oab thanks mate. Just copped an NLP LP bud.

nickytalent0151 Conscious to death mate! Big up!!'n

cecilmcfarrell @nickytalent thanks man

geebag Good taste in beats

cecilmcfarrell @geebag

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Happy Anniversary Sam X
Beat by mrversatilemind
Written for my beautiful missus. Five years today. #gurtlovesher #bigupmrversatilemind


mrversatilemind No one better to bless the beats than the vocab , and all for a good cause ! Happy anniversary to two members of the Glasto army #glastafari

cecilmcfarrell @mrversatilemind I'm working on a new ting J. I'd like to use one of your beats man. I've already started recording a couple tracks.

mrversatilemind Yeah course you can ! Can't wait to hear the new ish

foreignbeggars Yes C Don!! Happy anniversary G

cecilmcfarrell @foreignbeggars thanks brappfam.

cecilmcfarrell @boombapfestival

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olboogle This is sick mate. Is there a way I can download it at all? This will be the first thing I'll write to

mrversatilemind Thanks dude , what's your email I'll send it to you !

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mrversatilemind @odothmusic nice one !!!

illuminative Gonth?

3mb4 my bro

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jyager @mrversatilemind

mrversatilemind YES MATE!!! Cheers for blessing the beat


jrokkamusic vibez

3mebeatz bro

jyager @mrversatilemind big up my g.. Dope

jyager @hirollabeats blessings g

jyager @oozhe love my g

jyager @jrokkamusic big up g

bannyb colab?

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For all the ganja mans...
Been smoking for longer than some of you have been alive & this is the first verse I've ever written dedicated to... read more


cecilmcfarrell @hirollabeats I think that'll do for now.

cecilmcfarrell Defo. I've made a beat for it but it ain't got shit on this one.

cecilmcfarrell @hirollabeats previous comment

jayeff Awesome bars man, love seeing all of glasto's talent. Big up!

cecilmcfarrell @jayeff thanks man. Appreciated.

ninthletta #FRESH

jrokkamusic haaaaaaaaa #epic

lastdisciple dope as fuck

cecilmcfarrell @ninthletta @jrokkamusic @divineson yeahyah! cheers guys. Second verse is being written...

monochrome Killed it!

illuminative Yes man smashed it

saulthesame yesssss!

cecilmcfarrell @pifstorms @mchedges @saulxl nice one.