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bankboy London

onesoul Nice vocals

bankboy Thanks fella... much appreciated. I love the beat

gold1ne Efamillion!!

dirtybuckle Sweet tune!

ludwigvandub Bigup bro

bankboy Thanks peeps

ricksta Keep up the good work brother

bankboy Safe fam @ricksta

olmanestocolmo .....That voice thooooo


jexbeats Yes

bankboy Big up @maxta and @jexbeats

antidot3 @bankboy your voice is dope fam. Lets work

jexbeats Holla if you wanna work.


anishbeats wow amazing voice

bankboy @anishbeats thank you

bankboy @antidot3 thanks fella... let's do that :)

sirautumngrey Sounds sick

antidot3 @bankboy send me your email

msdean Siiiick vocals bro

bankboy @antidot3

bankboy @msdean thanks fella... much appreciated

3cnbmusic Sick bro !

bankboy @3cnbmusic thanks dude


putitonline Nice one bro let's work

kaynashar Yo brudda it's kayn ash check out my page we need to talk wen ur free still I like wat I'm seeing

bankboy @kaynashar safe my g... will do mos def!

kaynashar Yh bank boy id like you to work on a quick tune with me or my brother his names roll deezy you can check him out on SoundCloud we looking to go on link up tv as we got the plug and I'm basically looking to do some duets and think that you would blend good with wat I do I'm a song writer and I write with in minutes holla back at me let me no your thoughts g

bankboy @kaynashar sounds like a plan... I'm down my g! Nuff respect! Shout me when you're ready and we'll take it from there

kaynashar Yh my g it's wrap say nothing as soon as I get one and too things out with my investors we do this bro bless up my G

bankboy Say nothing! Let me know what you think of my latest post: 'She Promised'

kaynashar Just red yr message I will look now g and I've got an idea for a song I've done me you and my brother to do but it's a quick tune needs to be done asap if your on it let me no I'm in west London we're you at B

oneartrecs nice to see ya im here man respest ya vibes

gezoegreen Hardiest I seen on this beat

bankboy @201gramz safe fam... much appreciated

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msdean Vancouver
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