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nuriel Exeter

mskal Dam it amazing skillz repost direct thanks à lot dude

mskal Big up #nuriel

thiabud Neat rap ! Great beat

demolee bro!

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legion89 Sunderland

mskal Nice work #legion89

legion89 Thanks bro @mskal

thiabud Nice ! Just leave the delay on the voice maybe - the rap will come out better ;) Keep@it

legion89 Thanks for the insight bro @thiabud

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mskal thanks for ur job bro

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New era
My new one with vivaldi sample


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mskal Nice job for the bpm of the beat

cimick Might give it another try

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mskal Fire bro repost direct

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smileofficial Cape Town

mskal Repost

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mskal Big up bro

thatkidilla @mskal the beat is so waves and dope,mad sincere feel x

thatkidilla @thatkidilla #wavey

mskal Bless thatkidlla

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goodbrodatv Little Rock

mskal Nice job thks man for this ....

goodbrodatv @mskal I gotta thank you for the track! Bless you broda

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mskal Nice ride dude

shawesh @mskal thanks dude. It’s a sick beat

tristandawood Nice job while driving

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Beat by mskal
History of the future truth .


mskal Thanks dude