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smileofficial Cape Town

mskal Repost

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mskal Big up bro

thatkidilla @mskal the beat is so waves and dope,mad sincere feel x

thatkidilla @thatkidilla #wavey

mskal Bless thatkidlla

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goodbrodatv Little Rock

mskal Nice job thks man for this ....

goodbrodatv @mskal I gotta thank you for the track! Bless you broda

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mskal Nice ride dude

starseedbeats What a flow ! I really love that, it's dope ! Keep pushing dude

shawesh @mskal thanks dude. It’s a sick beat

tristandawood Nice job while driving

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Beat by mskal
History of the future truth .


mskal Thanks dude

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mskal Waouu in first thanks to use them you kill it i like very much big bro

mskal @mfvandal

mskal Directly in my fb wall

mfvandal Optional("")@mskal cheers mate iv tried finding yo bro can we do a collab ?

mskal full version of basic just here

wezzly_kane Big up

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mskal Fire #afrohesse

djlethalskillz tahhyat

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samoraj Neuchâtel

mskal Big up @samoraj si tu recherche des prod n'hesite pas .....

samoraj @Mskal c’est sûr au cas où je te tiens au courant ! Merci !

fbidmytro Good

sts10 Try my beats bro..!! Thanks

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samoraj Neuchâtel

mskal Nice work @samoraj

samoraj @mskal

bgfrecords Damn, like your flow! DM us on instagram @bgfrecords , wanna bring you some value!

sts10 Checkout My Beats!!!

mega_litt Like

thingy Vibes

sts10 Check out my beats BRO!! Try my beats thanks!!

pra eee

mrreem Tchek mes prod man

26beats C completement fou !!

samoraj Optional("")@26beats merci poto!

26beats Jten pris ;) va faire un tour sur @26beats et pose sur un de nos sons ce serait un honneur pour nous ;)